Report - CFL going to 4 downs beginning 2022

With the big news reported by TSN that the CFL has begun working on improving the on-field product.

I have been told that 4 downs is going to be the #1 ingredient to improve offense starting in 2022.

I've always said 4 downs is the way to go with how the game has evolved on both sides of the ball.

Now the CFL is going to absolutely flourish.

If this is true I’ve missed it. Let me see, it’s not April 1st. So where did you get this from?

That's quite the scope ReganRebs- You are the first source of this big news. I smell a Pulitzer prize for you.


Any link to this report from TSN?

The only thing I found was this video with Lalji and Naylor about the low scoring.

They mention the possibility of having padded practices brought back and spreading the national and non nationals to be spread more evenly on both sides of the ball.

Nothing about 4 downs


Closing this down until a source is cited.