Report: Cats could leave Hamilton

The spec is reporting some $17 million deal with Quebec City..

They better just leave.

Regardless of whether city council has made this difficult for the Ti-Cats, I will not support a team that extorts tax dollars in this way.

CHCH has just annouced it Roomer of Quebec City

The move may be occurring regardless of what happens with the stadium vote.

Something tells me to wait till something is announced..........this sounds strange..........especially with Merulla involved..............are we sure this isn't a dirty tactic to ruin season ticket sales next year?

Councillor Sam Merulla says he has been informed that the the Hamilton Tiger-Cats are planning to leave town.

He says they have a $17-million dollar with the City of Quebec.

I just phoned the Cats and they said a statement is forthcoming. Stay tuned.

This came from Drew Edwards!

I'm waiting for official confirmation.If it's true and they're moving, i'm heading to the Ticats store asap to refund my season tickets, i'm selling all my gear and i'm finding a new team.

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Does anyone know what time to expect this announcement?

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If I was him, I'd have left yesterday because of the way he's been treated.........

It's 100% true, read the letter from BY on the spec which was just posted.He said as of now he's done with negotiations with the Mayor and they will play out their days at IWS before leaving.

Bob's letter to the city says nothing about QC but it does say that they will play out their days at Ivor Wynne.

I could cry right now... :expressionless:

if there is a whiff of truth to this, it certainly appears that city council cannot be the only ones that can be accused of playing dirty pool

the ti-cats stood at carmen’s the other night and spoke of their dreams, and NOW they want us to believe this whole package has been put together in the last few hours?

neither side come out of this with any dignity, but i am glad it comes out before the vote, because now city council is not being held hostage in any way, the cards may be on the table sooner rather than later…

at least the mayor has been consistent in his viewpoint, it appears the same cannot be said about the tiger cat organization IF this is true


So this is how Cleveland fans must have felt when Bronbron left for Miami. :thdn:

This is messed up.
I love the cats, and I would honestly say im one of there biggest fans, but to come out with a letter like this is a joke. I get there pissed at the city and the mayor but some of the wording in there really pisses me off.


well they still have a team...

At least they still have a team...