Report: Cats could leave Hamilton

It was just anounced on CHML the the Cats will leave Hamilton at the end of the 2011 season!


I just went to CHML site to listen and there is nothing about it, I really hope he is joking…

If this is true, then i’m refunding my season tickets asap and finding a new team.I won’t support a team willing to do this to it’s fans after 140 years…

cant find this news anywhere...

I need a link as Proof

…and they’re going where?

lets build a floating stadium in the middle of the lake :stuck_out_tongue:

At 3:00pm today CHCH news said the ticat's would be issuing a statement today so I don't know what to believe, you would think this would be MASSIVE news on the CHML site if it were true, only time will tell. If Hamilton loses the ti-cats it will be a sad day.

It's a breaking story, the spectator isn't going to report until they have more to report, but my own source at the spectator has told me they have heard that the Tiger-Cats are going to be announcing plans to leave Hamilton.

It's likely a bargaining tactic, to put some fear into the councillors. But there may also be truth behind it, because Bob can't afford to throw tens of million down a drain. And on top of that, as others have said many times on here, many cities in this country would be willing to fork out the money required to have the prestige of a CFL team.

I've put on CH now

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All i know is at 3pm they repoeted that Tiger-Cats will be leaving Hamilton at the end of 2011 details to follow.
Listen to CHML at 330pm. I DONT lie about something like that!

Quebec City is the rumored city to get the team. It's a natural move when you think about it.

I'm glad the CFL will survive, if Hamilton flopped dead at a West Harbour stadium the league itself could buckle.

Hopefully Burlington gets the Tiger-Cats if they leave

There we go people, now let's find out if the West Harbor was really worth it.

Quebec City here comes the Ticats are happy now Hamilton..

The thing is, so many people have been writing into the spectator telling Bob to go away. And you know what, they might just get their wish.