Report Card on Empire Fields

Came down to see yesterdays game at Empire field. Now having been to McMahon, Commonwealth and Taylor Field, I can only use those other fields for comparison.


If you are in front of the posts holding up the roof, you get excellent sightlines, very compareable to McMahon & Taylor Field. You are right on top of the action. On The BC Lion side of the field (Which we were not) you are even closer, almost reaching out to touch the Home Team if you are in the first few rows.

Temporary TV board was actually pretty good for it's smaller size. Not as big as the one at BC Place, but it does the trick.

Better sound system...Yahoo, I can actually hear what the announcers are saying.

Seats on the side line were good, low back, but better than the end zone seats which were aluminium benches. Walked around at half time to try out and view the field from various locations.

Beer delivered to your seats.....If you like paying outrageous prices (I don't buy them) beer vendors do walk around, saving you concession line up.

Pop, popcorn, candy, ice cream vendors were a regular visit to our sections, so we never had to get in line.

Turf looked great!

The Okay

Washrooms were better than I expected, (Although I kinda timed things to avoid the "rushes"...LOL) there were porta potties to handle the half time rushes, but I got their early and the trailers with washrooms in them were okay.

Got early enough that we got a parking space close to the gates.

Lots of places to buy food before the game as there were many choices around the out.

The Bad:

Welcome back to the PNE! Thirty Dollars for parking...not a misprint...Thirty dollars for parking. Talk about ripping the public off. No Sky train (Which we normally take to BC Place), only fifty year old trolley busses for transit. Felt sorry for the people going to Hasting Park (Horse Racing) or Play land, they got stuck paying $30.00, instead of the $8.50 they normally pay.

Welcome back to the PNE part 2. No tailgating. If you can go to Global BC, check out the late news. People were pretty miffed about that. It wasn't just the beer they were not allowing, but they were shutting down people Bar-B-Quing.....are you ready for the reason....Propane is a dangerous substance. So, the No fun police shut down the tailgate parties because of booze and Bar-B-Ques, yet 5 miles down the road in the Vancouver East side, Junkies are openly shooting up in alleys, and the No Fun Police turn a blind eye. Calgary would you feel if they shut down your great tail gate parties you guys are famous for?

So, thats it, oh, by the way, even though we lost, pretty entertaining game for a pre-season game.

Ok First of all i was not there as i had to work, Can not Waite for opening night. Secondly about Tailgating, it is too b ad you are not allowed to pull out barbecues and light them up , but if anybody knows the legal insurance laws in this country , unless there is a licence sponsored by the pne because you are on there property, they do not want to take responsibility in case a propane tank blows up, do you blame them what if that was your property and you had 5000 cars pull up and want to tailgate, i think you might say no too, i totally understand that nobody wants to go on the empire grounds and spend all that money on stale hot dogs and $7.00 bear i understand that but they are not going to change there mind live with it they not going to change there policy, may be what should be done is opening up a tailgate area.

Red & White....Tell Dupsell what kind of riot would take place in Calgary, if the University (Which is where McMahon is located) banned tail gating.

BTW, I am not one of the tailgaters. I just think its very heavy handed by the PNE. I get the feeling that their attitude is... "They are only here for one year, lets screw the public as much as we can". That $30.00 for parking really irks me.... I'd expect that from Imperial Parking, not the PNE.

...$30 for event parking is criminal...what about pubs and party-busses?, are there pubs nearby that will allow you to park at their lot and (for a fee) take a party bus to the game and back?...

...I'm afraid we're probably moving towards less and less tailgating here' still permitted, and the powers that be have really cracked down on public drinking, but it's all at the discretion of the University...still, propane bottles are not a problem, dont' see why the PNE would have issues with it...go old school, a hibatchi and some Kingsford briquettes, can of lighter fluid, match and POOF no eyebrows...

You just reminded me of something Red.

We have been so spoilled down at BC Place. So many pubs & resteraunts with in walking distance. Other than McDonalds at the corner of Cassiar and Hastings, there isn't much to choose from.

Sigh, unfortunately, we'll be paying the bloody $30.00 fee because they have us at their mercy. The 7-11 seats are cheaper than the parking......... :x :x :x :x

That is excessive for parking no question, I hope people there cause a stink and get them to lower the parking price, no need for that. :thdn:

Yes, I saw the Global TV report and there were Lions fans that were fit to be tied, paying $30 and not being able to tailgate.

While the PNE's reason sounds valid (i.e. insurance costs), why is this not an issue in other jurisdictions? Why, in a litigious society like the USA is tailgating such a common occurance, to the point of being almost a sacred custom?? Doesn't make sense.

We tailgated yesterday on a public green space in one of the neighbourhoods close to the stadium. It was awesome. And Sportsmen, people always get snookered into paying outrageous parking fees by driving right up to the stadium. If you drive around in close proximity to the stadium, there ARE cheaper lots. For example, the one on the SE corner of Renfrew and Hastings = $20. Hell, you can probably negotiate a $15 fee from one of the hundreds of neighbours in the area holding up signs to park on their property, or park on one of the side streets several blocks away for FREE.

I walked for 10 minutes and didn't pay a penny for parking. Free parking is out there, but you have to be willing to walk a little bit.

In my younger days, I would have walked those extra blocks. I'm in pretty good shape, but its a fair walk for Mrs Sportsmen.

$30.00 is gouging,no other description.

How much does it costs to park near Quest field in Seattle ? more than 30.00 , how much on game days does it cost near gm place/bc place ? 30.00, why should it cost less on game days at empire, i do not here people complaining about the cost downtown , or in Seattle.
Give it a rest.

Yup but that`s the PNE. I had to sneek my flag in because some of the security guards were confiscating flag poles. Aparently they are often used as weapons to beat people at games. :roll:

Yup but that`s the PNE. I had to sneek my flag in because some of the security guards were confiscating flag poles. Aparently they are often used as weapons to beat people at games.

Now that is Nuts , the PNE are Jerks to begin with, But it does not stop me from going though.

Yup I can see it now hundreds of old Asian ladies by the PNE holding their cardboard signs for parking $15, BBQ in front yard $10.

I didn't see one offering that. Kinda surprised me actually.

Just heard that the lions have meet with the PNE today discussing parking and tailgating, i think parking will be reduced but in certain areas as season ticket holders have already paid the $270.00 for a season parking pass, which will be right across from empire, were the reduced parking will be farther away. and i heard that the season ticket holder can exchange there parking pass for a cheaper one, did not hear any prices for reduced parking but i would not be surprised if they reduce it to $15.00, $20.00 and $30.00

At least at BC Place you have Sky train right there. If $30.00 is easy for you, you can mail me a cheque. R R #1 Clinton BC! $30.00 X 10 games = $300.00, almost half the cost of season tickets.

If it were at the Coliseum on the West side of Renfrew that might happen...LOL (Nice visual though...LOL) Although the Giants make their games familly affordable.(Which by the way is $8.50 to park, even with 12,000 at the Coliseum)

Looks like the PNE is listening Sportsmen...

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Now for an official release.

Ideally the Lions would oversee everything there but since its on PNE land, that likely won't happen. $30 for parking, no flags, no tailgaiting and so on have been pathetic blunders by the PNE marring what should otherwise be a great situation.
Its sad that its cheaper to park a few km away and take a taxi up to the front of the stadium than park near the stadium!

I'm betting there will only one kind of stink caused in Vancouver.