Report: Bombers Trade Kamau Peterson

There's a report on The Score saying the Winnipeg Blue Bombers have traded Kamau Peterson to Hamilton for WR Chris Brazzel.

Good trade for the Blue and Gold.


Both guys have been dropping passes all year.

I think each team just figured they had nothing to lose.

good to hear we got a good reciever

lol... What kind of trade is that? How can you expect to gain anything when trading an underperformer for another?

Change of address, may

...what a bust Brazzell's FA signing they'd like to take back, I'm sure.

Sometimes a change on scenery works. If not, neither side lost anything.

i agree sportsmen that neither side lost anything. both recievers were considered to be big signings and both flopped. so either they may finally live up to some of thier potential with new teams or they will play the same role with another team. lets hope they turn things around.

funny possibility…since both teams involved in this trade play eachother this week…if one of the players traded BURNS his old team by posting BIG TIME numbers during the game…not likely, but funny if it did happen.

Lets hope that both can turn around their seasons. This saturday will be interesting if both can get the chance to play.

the ticats are getting hosed in this trade ... brazzel's at least had one good season .. pederson has been dropping balls non-stop. He's a canuck, and apparently that is some sort of legitimate excuse for sucking. Glad he's gone .. He had one good game last year in the preseason ... BUH-BYE!

Hamilton ... hahaha ... Jones and Pederson back together again .. haha! Good luck!


boy the bombers revieving corps is different now and kind of mixed up, youve got sutherland and stegal, stokes who the bombers plan to use more, stoddard who i like, and now throw in new guys darnell mcdonald who had a big year with calgary back then and now brazzell who has huge potential also, im not sure what the lineup will look like but if brazzell isnt in this game im sure by next game he will be

From the sounds of it, Stegal or Brazzell will be the primary receivers on every passing down with the rest of them just filling space. Otherwise, neither of them will be very happy here.

Milt will still be the go-to-guy.....Brazzell is a little while away from being the main-man but could happen soon if he gets his act together and starts producing....should get very interesting..... also .I don't think the Bombers are finished dealing yet...could be some more players changing uniforms....anyway they won this trade with the Cats'...go BigBlue :arrow: