Report: Bo Levi Mitchell has a broken fibula, on six-game injured list

It appears that Bo Levi Mitchell‘s injury is much worse than anticipated. The Calgary Stampeders’ starting quarterback has a broken fibula, according to Mark Stephen.

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Not good for ol Bowey. Can't seem to stay healthy.

Calgary would do themselves a favor to move on

So a late hit from Charleston Hughes in game one breaks Bo's leg - any consequences for Mr. Hughes? Any comments Charleston?

Just a bad luck play for Bo. Nothing dirty or underhanded on the play.

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Talk about bad luck. After a cancelled season and time to heal the shoulder, this happens. I feel for the Stamps organization and Bo.

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Where was it reported that it was a late hit by Hughes?

This was the hit. I think we have seen far worse.

I believe a late hit on the QB that draws a penalty could be considered a "dirty" play

Wow, feel bad for Bo. Never like to see major injuries to anyone especially to a marquee player.
Get well, get back soon.


What I was trying to say is that the hit did not seem vicious enough to cause a broken fibula.

And as I wrote in the Als forum the CFL can't afford to lose top QBs, although we obviously prefer going against O'Connor Friday rather than BLM.

He believes. Is Farhan a doctor now too?

Watch the tape - it was a late hit and it was flagged for 15 yards

When it comes expertise on failed QB's- I will certainly yield the floor to Saskatchewan Rough Rider fans.

0-2 vs 2-0.

Have a good one!

Thats week 1&2 of this season. There is a bigger body of work to consider

This is very bad news for the Stamps. The absence of Bo Levi Mitchell will be greatly missed. BLM was just starting his 7th season with the Stamps-7 is supposed to be a lucky number ! However this is a golden opportunity for the former UBC Thunderbird-Michael O'Connor. Best of luck Michael under the Friday night lights of McMahon Stadium. :star_struck: :football: :canada:

Just curious who is Calgary’s 3 rd QB as they released Prukop who is now with Edmonton Football Club ? Can anybody answer this question ?who is O’Connor’s back up for the game I don’t see anyone on PR or injured list

Bo did the right thing going on the 6 game IR. Times sure have changed over the years eh? Remember when Linebacker Greg Battle took to the field with a broken fibula AND a break somewhere in his arm or wrist? He wielded that cast like a weapon. That was one brave guy. In hindsight he probably made the wrong decision... I guess the doctors back in the 80's were willing to sign off on those sorts of injuries.


The Stamps backup Quarterback is 24 year old Jake Maier-UC-Davis for Week 3 versus the Als.

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We know that the Als will be blitzing on almost every play to unnerve the young QB. The Stamps will be practicing over and over again how to deal with the blitz.