Report: Bo Levi Mitchell avoids season-ending injury

HAMILTON — The Hamilton Tiger-Cats have reportedly avoided a season-ending injury with quarterback Bo Levi Mitchell, according to TSN’s Dave Naylor.

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Dear Ticat fan, this is an annual occurrence…


Laughing play calling
WTF would you make your quarterback run with 29 seconds left


Hate to see another quarterback go down. Glad he’ll be back this year. Sadly he doesn’t seem to be playing well - overthrowing open receivers and leading the league in interceptions despite playing only 3 games. Some flashes of brilliance, but if he can’t stop the turnovers his time in Hamilton will be brief. Good luck to him for a speedy recovery.

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I’m not sure what to make of Mitchell at this point. He is a good QB, bu the gets injured a lot - bad luck - who knows? But his most recent injury was almost self inflicted - all he had to do was to go down on the knee, instead he plunged into the line and got injured - a stupid needless injury - a matter of trying too hard. Despite 5 interceptions, he threw for 400 yds - he needs time to play to get into sync with his receivers - hopefully he can do this by play-off time.

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You might be on to something.

Bo goes on the Six-Game IR twice in one season, plays basically TWO games and draws a full paycheck… thus maintaining his legendary BLM superstar status without actually having to prove it. This would set up a future scenario where another quarterback-desperate GM (I’m looking at YOU Chris Jones) pays big money for Bo’s services next year in the mistaken belief that he still has something left in the tank.

That scenario is just crazy enough to happen in this league of ours.

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I believe you have taken an entirely different meaning from what I wrote. When I said his injury was self-inflicted - i meant that if he had thought about it, he didn’t have to place himself in danger - he could have just taken the knee.

Your scenario shows true signs of negativity. I don’t really believe any CFL player would plot and plan injuries in order to draw a huge salary with another team, It simply makes no sense. A real CFL fan would not even consider such a ridiculous scenario.


I think there is a reason that Calgary let him go. At his age, every injury will take longer to heal and will come more and more frequently.

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A lot of what I write makes no sense. So many things that happen in the CFL make no sense.

But that’s one of the things that keep me addicted to OUR brand of football. :smiley: :+1:

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He has had what 3 game played and not through the whole games

Steinaur needs a boot in the butt in the butt this was very very stupid

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You’ve got to allow for the possibility that Mitchell was expected to take a knee, but he just decided to take a chance on his own.

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take a chance at what?

Either making a glorious play, or getting himself crunched.

No was suposed to take knee but decided to run to prove he is the big kahuna

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If you know the rules like Bo evidently did you know why he ran the sneak.

In that case the safety can be scored without the ball in the end zone. In the same way you need to break the plane with the ball to score, if any part of him breaks the plane while in possession of the ball, Ottawa would have scored a safety.

So few fans etc know the rule that every time it happens there is a huge thing about it but the rule is clear and says nothing about where the ball is.

It’s the only thing besides out of bounds that is dependant on the player position - not the ball.

Article 3 – Safety Touch
A safety touch is scored when the ball becomes dead in the possession of a team
in its own Goal Area, or touches or crosses the Dead Line or a Sideline in Goal as
a result of the ball having been carried, kicked, fumbled or otherwise directed from
the Field of Play into the Goal Area by the team scored against, or as a direct result
of a kick from scrimmage having been blocked in the Field of Play or Goal Area.

Kelly will go south next yr, trade him to toronto.

There is another instance/play where the position of the ball is irrelevant. That is in determining whether the QB has crossed the line of scrimmage before throwing the ball. Even if the ball is past the line of scrimmage as long as any body part is behind the line it is not considered an illegal pass.

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Yup. Guess its sort of the same thing in a way…

Is Johnnie Manziel still available :joy::joy::joy: