Report: Bethel-Thompson to play in 2023

TORONTO — The Toronto Argonauts appear to have gotten a key piece of information ahead of the start of free agency.

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well the man has spoken apparently

After months of speculation about his potential retirement, quarterback McLeod Bethel-Thompson has informed the Toronto Argonauts that he is planning to play next season, though it remains unclear whether that will be in the CFL.

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The biggest question on my mind is - will he discover fire?


Looks like we are going to have a problem. What do they do with Kelly. He’s going to want out.

Argos are in a tough spot. They don’t have enough game film with Kelly to be completely confident in riding with him. But they don’t want to piss him off either. And MBT isn’t interested playing elsewhere in the league. Guess we’ll see how much they like Kelly. If they move on from MBT for sure they’ll look for a veteran to challenge Kelly. Fajardo or Dane Evans maybe?

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The problem with Kelly is he is hungry to get back to the NFL. If you keep him this year and he plays well, he will bolt to the NFL. MBT is 35, he isn’t going anywhere. Remember this is Toronto, you need a name. Kelly has the name and the pedigree. He is Ali from the neighborhood (Buffalo). You could probably market him, and sell some tickets in Buffalo. We shall see

I read that Kelly will only earn about $75,000 this year as a backup. Why wouldn’t the Argos keep such a cheap backup on their roster?

Kelly also does not come without risk due to several off field tinfoil hat moments.

Kelly will be 30 going into the 2024 season. Not sure he’d be welcomed back in the NFL that easily.


He could go to the XFL or USFL

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ah yes good times with mr Kelly


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Sometimes his mouth gets ahead of his brain

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I'm glad to hear he will be back. Not an Argos fan but he is a good QB. Kelly will get his chance if he is actually any good and dedicated...he will have to pay his dues just like MBT did over his career.

I believe one of them will be moved

Absolutely right. He comes with risk. You keep him as a backup & see what happens next year. Why trade him? He turns 29 soon & will be 30 next year.

The NFL window has pretty much closed on him IMO. The NFL has little interest in retaining CFL players once they get into their late 20's. The odds are extremely long despite his family ties.

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Argos would be stupid to trade Kelly, especially after the grey cup game. all it takes is one sack on MBT.

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McBeth's return does clear up the QB situation somewhat. Only 2 teams who need starters - the 2 clubs with the biggest messes. Harris fills one, likely Fajardo the other IF Harris goes to Regina. Evans, unfortunately, is under contract & is left out unless Harris returns to the Als, still a real possibility IMO. That would be a disaster for the Riders.

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Kelly will not sit on the sidelines for another year, if he does he will get a raise or he will ask to be moved

Kelly has already indicated in an article that he wants to get another shot in the NFL, even indicating that he may try the XFL or another spring league. He tries to convince us that he has changed from his boozy days with Denver. The Bills apparently has him in for a workout but made no offer of any kind. It would be a stupid place for him to try to land if his goal is to play. Toronto should read the article and wish him well in his future endeavors because they will be looking to replace him soon anyway.

There’s no way he is going to sit on the same for a year