Report: Ben Sankey signs with Lions

"According to a CKNW report in Vancouver, the B.C. Lions have signed former CFL quarterback Ben Sankey.

Sankey, who had been playing in the United Indoor Football League with Rock River Raptors, previously played for Lions' head coach Wally Buono in Calgary.

It's the fifth quarterback signed by the Lions this season and is a clear indication that Buck Pierce and Dave Dickenson won't be playing anytime soon."

Good to see Ben back in the league. He will be backing up Jarious Jackson.

Oski Wee Wee,

He stinks. Always has, always will.

I've always liked Ben. Best of luck to him.

i liked ben too. i hope he gets some playing time

Bravo for Ben ! Hope he does well in BC.

I agree with you guys, I also liked Ben. Remember that exhibition game in Halifax a few years ago when he brought the Cat's back to tie the game? I felt that he had a great camp that year and the Cats released him, and I don't believe he ever landed a spot in the CFL again. He was experienced and would have served as a good back up. It is weird how decisions are made during training camp sometimes.... Who was our back-ups to McManus that year does anyone remember?

The opening day QB depth chart was 1) Danny McManus, 2) Marcus Brady and 3) Jon Beutjer as I recall.

Oski Wee Wee,

It was Beutjer at no. 3. He beat out Sankey that year.

I found an old article for that preseason:

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Oski Wee Wee,

Yep, you are correct sir. They went with Beutjer over Sankey because he was younger and then Beutjer got hurt (not in a game IIRC) and was finished.

Bring Back Jon Beutjer!

Thanks... yeah Beutjer did show some promise and was younger, and Brady was the QB of the future so I guess that decision does make some sense

Hey Spankey is back then whats keeping Eakin from coming back to the CFL

So you would call him Ben Stinkey?