Report - Baker Gone

According to Sportsnet, Robert Baker's been cut.

If this is true, what a falling off for this guy; last season, he looked like he was on the threshold of being among the league's elite playmakers.

The way he has played this year I am not surprised Baker is being cut. His production was just not up to snuff this season. I don't see any other teams picking him up either. Unless of course they want to put some fear into a struggling kicker. :lol:

...I don't know ...i like Baker....he's a damn good receiver.....but i think Argos management want to get rid of him....he's a bit of a hot-head...but that dosen't inhibit his talents....he could improve another club...but he needs some discipline....looks like T.O. is starting a re-build...

he just signed an extention this past off-season.

wait was baker the guy who threw the football at some guys face during the montreal game after the opening kickoff?

no, that was arland bruce.

I want Taman to sign him, and yes I know he has minor attitude issues.

..i can see the Bombers having a look at him...if he turns out to be as good as bad-boy Kyries .......well...we'll just give him an attitude adjustment and send him out to catch the ball.... :wink:

are you kidding me.......the TD maker was cut, I would be all over that like white on rice....sign him.

i prefer to call him 'haymaker Baker'....he has to leave Troys' head intact though Pigseye.. :lol:

apparently Taman is on the hot-line .....maybe we'll have a look.. :o

robert baker....scrotie anderson....please be baker.

what about future considerations for the wynn deal........

Now that is just "Baby Huey" type of deal making. Although, I wouldn't really put it past Taman to try and pull it off. :lol: :roll:

…I would disown my parents if they named me ‘scrotie’…

lol Red...

I could see many teams giving him a look.

BC has had (and still has) many injured receivers.

Montreal has too many droppers.

Saskatchewan could add a good pair of hands to its roster, especially with Richardson gone for long.

Winnipeg could definately replace Quentin McCord by a playmaker.

... Baker isn't done in this league. At worse, he can wait for Ottawa to get back to football.

i hope we sign him, hes a quality reciever. i wonder why they cut him though. hes a great reciever, and they arnt even replacing him. i smell fish.

on the doug berry show today berry said that he is interested in him, and that taman will be putting in a call to see what will happen

Could it be one not so adapted running back broke the bank along with his arm? Seems to me it would take a lot to distract Pinball. I am sure Berry could take Baker behind the wood pile and change his view of life. I like him even if he's from Toronto. No bias here...

Well you got scrotie. And by you I mean the bombers; I'm sure you've been aware of your scrotie for years.

If I were Jim Popp, I'd give Baker a call. Sure, he's a hothead, but we're struggling with our receivers right now and a little competition might be just what Watkins, Stala, and Anderson need.