REPORT: Argos trade 1st pick to Riders

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To Sask: 1st and 8th Overall
To Toronto: 2nd, 4th and a "Veteran Canadian"

who's the veteran Canadian I wonder?

really dumb trade for the Riders considering toronto admitted to be considering 5 guys for the top pick. The guy they wanted would have fell to them considering the Argo's werent going to pick a d-lineman or linebacker, they were obviously going to pick an olineman, everyone knows this and everyone knows who sask wants.

Toronto was desperate to trade down and everyone should have let them hang onto it, why the riders caved baffles me, a real amateur move.

Taman's famous for helping other team's beside's his own :lol:
Bomber fan's can attest to that.

Well we're more than used to helping the Riders out, so it's all evening out for everyone, we give the Riders great players for nothing in return now they're giving the Argo's draft picks and players for nothing the the Argo's give us players for nothing (Bruce). It's a weird cycle lol.

There's no "we" here. It was Marcel Desjardins.

Unlike MD good on Barker not to just impulsively give away the pick in hopes for a quick payoff. Some thought actually went into this deal

im hearing fantuz’s name alot and clermont.

so thats a brutal trade for the riders.

#2,#4, and a proven talent for #1 (rumored to be shomari williams) and #8.

riders must be in some cap trouble.

On TSN there’s a four team deal going down. :roll:

There's no way it's Fantuz, only Marcel Desjardone would do that. And it's not 'rumored' to be Williams, it is Williams because apparantly they've already signed the guy.

could it be Borehamboy :lol:

it is boreham. just saw it on tsn sportscentre. 1 and 8 to the riders for 2 4 and kicker boreham. with the 1st pick the riders WILL select shomari williams.

Does trading for Boreham make it less likely that the Arg-holes will take Maver? Man, I love draft time. So much speculation and conjecture. I can't wait until tomorrow afternoon.

I would think so. But their #11 pick is still a concern as to where they might. If HAM doesn't trade to move up before the draft starts, and Maver is still available after 9 picks, how about a deal with BC to trade our #12 (and a future consideration) for their #10?

I take back what I said about Barker.

Here is a link to TSN dot ca



The Toronto Argonauts have dealt the first pick of the 2010 CFL Canadian draft

to the Saskatchewan Roughriders, who will use it to
take linebacker Shomari Williams of the Queen's Gaels.

Two sources requesting anonymity said Saturday

the Argos traded the first and eighth picks Saskatchewan

for punter Jamie Boreham and its second and fourth selections.

Well the main question now is. . .

While we cut borehamgirl some slack keeping that as her handle, do we now insist that she change her handle given that her namesake is now with the blue team?

Insist she change it? Her name is her choice. It's not like her name is blueteamgirl.

I assume you're joking but words like insist and demand strike a nerve with me.

Yes zenstate I was joking. . . sorry if you misinterpreted my meaning.

Well, as I'm sure you all know it's a sad day for me. I always said there was only one thing that would make me change my name and I'm pretty sure we all know what that was. I'm giving it some thought and you may well see a "new" me in the next few days...

Well, bg, there's always the chance that he won't report and demand that Barker trade him elsewhere. . .