Report: Andrew Wetenhall or Pat Boivin marauding other team's football staffs.

Montreal Alouettes president Patrick Boivin refused to discuss the status of anyone in the Als football operations department but that hasn’t kept the organization from having conversations with potential general managers. Sources say the Alouettes have spoken to multiple people regarding the GM position while Kavis Reed continues to work in the role

Okie posted this in the Fire Kavis Reed thread 10 hrs. ago.

As someone would say: Fake news.


And they didn't rough up a reporter either :slight_smile: They are all liars, LIARS! LMAO

If a reporter was in fact “roughed up” it would have been way out in the open by now. And you go to the police, not the CFL.

The fact that the reporter complained to the CFL, it was likely a case of his not being allowed access to the dressing room or press box, or something along those lines.

Here is how Paul Arcand described what went down. "Member of the media was poked repeatedly in the shoulder blade and then shoved backwards".

While technically this can be legally considered an "assault". Real dudes, don't go to the Police with something like that. But considering how respected Arcand is as a media guy. I have no doubt it did happen.

I have agreed with you that whoever it was probably deserved it.

Didier Orméjuste posted that the Als have spoken to at least 2 people aboutbecomingGM.

$64,000 Questions are were they employed with a CFL team and, if they were, did the Als have permission?

It would be hilarious if they lost their first round pick for 2022

Uh, we’re justifying assault now? Nobody deserves to be attacked while doing their job. Somebody gets shoved, they have every right to go to the police. We still have trifling things called laws. And you don’t get to physically attack someone just because they write things you don’t like.

I certainly wasn`t the guy who said he probably deserved it, no one deserves to be roughed up.

Arcand is a credible journalist, but I am still puzzled why it would not have come out further.

Oh yeah, I know it wasn't you, sheldon.

In any case, the takeaway shouldn't be bad optics for the team. The takeaway should be (if true) why on earth is this happening?? Whoever shoved the reporter should lose his job.

What I meant to write is that whatever this was about must have been really serious to get an employee to put himself in legal jeapordy.

I’m wondering if it could be Kavis? He’s shown in Edmonton that when he loses it he can get really nuts.

No one was fired and the only one we hear being replaced is him. Maybe he lost his marbles again.

Une conférence de oresse est prévue pour 13h concernant le bilan de la direction. Alouettes : la direction aurait eu des discussions avec des personnes pour le poste de DG |

Nous serons fixés très bientôt.

Reed va revenir... Boivin est allé sonder le terrain... Mais tout bon GM va avoir des conditions.... Les Wetenhall en veulent pas d'un Chef.

This is the link to watch BS meatballs hurled at your computer screen :slight_smile:

Apparently Andrew won't show his face.

And of course they are late to their own press conference

All that’s missing is a funeral march.

Patrick Boivin ce leader né

Au moins Sherman reconnaît qu’il a sa part de responsabilité.