Report: Andrew Harris to miss time with torn pectoral muscle

a) the league is NOT in danger of folding - I have been hearing this since the 80s - so No on that one
b) the 2012 Grey Cup event was held here too - and the response was Amazing - 2017 was WAY too close to host it again and this was the main reason it was a big fail
c) the reason the Argos won in 2017 is that they always manage to pull off a win every 10 years somehow - out of their ass - not that they are good but that Calgary was in its choking phase and COMPLETELY choked.

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Four weeks ago Henoc Muamba classlessly criticized, on the Waggle podcast, the Bombers organization and the city of Winnipeg for "giving up" on Harris. No one "gave up" on Harris, they just were not willing to take a chance on him when they had a younger and heathier replacement in Brady Oliverira.

Since then, Oliveira has run 286 yards to Harris' 83 and has received 75 yards to Harris' 55. Now Harris is gone for the season. Looks like the Bombers made the right decision.


Out of all people…I remember when Muamba, a first overall pick by Winnipeg, gave up on the Bombers organization.

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