Report: Andrew Harris to miss time with torn pectoral muscle

TORONTO — Toronto Argonauts head coach Ryan Dinwiddie confirmed that running back Andrew Harris is likely to be out for the next four to six weeks with a torn pectoral muscle, according to a report from TSN’s Dave Naylor.

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Very sad news for Andrew, I wish him a speedy recovery. You can still contribute late season leading into the playoffs.


Agree with the above. The chances of him playing a full season was slim, he was signed to put bums in the seats, but also for his proven ability to produce in the playoffs.

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Always bad news for the whole league when a star player sustains a serious injury. Hope he's back soon.

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Unfortunate break for Harris. Argos may need to use Leake in the backfield (if he’s healthy) for a little speed at that position - or sign another back. Equally as troubling is the potential loss of Cam Phillips for a few weeks as he’s been a reliable perform all season. Argos have been inconsistent this season (again!) and these personnel losses are going to hurt.


No loss - Harris has been a bust - as have all other Argo signings particularly Banks.

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I wish Andrew Harris a speedy & full recovery. :100: :football: :canada: :gem:
107th Grey Cup rings-August 2020

With all due respect it is hard for any elite athlete to showcase their skills when their not given the Ball :bangbang:

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Really sad to hear this. All the best in a solid recovery, Andrew!


So it’s confirmed he’s done for the season. Have to wonder if this could be the end of the line. If it is, he can walk away with his head high. He certainly has nothing left to prove.


Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Unfortunately though it may be the end of the road for Harris as a player.
Doubt he would have to wait long for a job as a running back coach though.....


As a full-time player I think that Andrew Harris is done. If he can play part-time, say... every other game... who knows? We'll have to wait until next season rolls around to see if anyone signs him.

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Yeah, Maaax, time to retire. He only played in 7 regular season contests last year & he'll be 36 next year. Time to call it quits. He got his 10K yds. Hang 'em up. :sunglasses:


I think probably the end for Andrew. A comeback at 36yo at the level he would expect of himself might be superhuman. The body can only take so much, & it's given lots already.

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Well the biggest BUST for the ARGOS are the FANS! Around 2.8 million people in the greater Toronto area and they get an average attendance of just 10K.

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In hind sight, I'm happy Andrew played one of his best games of 2022 against the Bombers, he was definitely up for that one.


So you would support a constantly mismanaged losing team by attending their games? My protest is not to go.

Because Toronto is NOT Toronto anymore. The culture that supported the Argos in the past have been...replaced by something else now! And whatever that 'something else' is...they don't support Canadian Football. Or much of anything else Canadian. And there it is!


Sure the Western Division has dominated the League for years, Yes I could understand your disappointment if that was a perennial losing team. However Toronto 1st in the East last year and presently 1st this year. Won the Cup in 2017

Other teams have not won the cup in many years and some were last in the standings (I.e. Edmonton, Sask in the west a few times)

When last grey cup was in Toronto, we had to advise the cab driver why we were there and where the Grey Cup was being played.

He didn’t know the championship game was being held there. And the side events were almost nonexistent. The worst GC I have been to. (been going since 2012)

I think Toronto does not do much to promote the CFL

And given the League HQ is in TO that is shameful.

The league is on the verge of folding if there isn’t more fan support from some of the teams.

Wow, that isn’t good for league, team, and the league as the others above have stated.

I just gave a like because of your news reporting. One of the problems with the word “like” in social media.

I wonder how it was actually torn. Some of these front 7, defensive lineman in particular try to rip biceps with their massive grip and strength. Call it “separating the meat from the bone”. A DT from Chicago that played at Texas Tech that couldn’t stop Barry Sanders, when he was at Oklahoma A&M, taught me that in an argument ,when he flipped out, when I argued Barry was a better RB than injured Bo Jackson to him and this guy that lies about playing for Arkansas (he was trainer; no record of letter) because he couldn’t catch Sanders!!!

They were both like what do I know about football. <cough, cough> I played TEXAS high school haha