Report: Als to sign Quinlan

Is it a P.R. move or did Trestman see something in him last training camp?

He had lots of floating passes in the CIS championship game. A friend of mine much more impressed with the other Kyle - Graves.

Graves is an American... He was on my flight back to Halifax this summer. He's a big guy. Very mature too.

Not sure when you say American if its like the Ben Cahoon situation, but his hometown is Barrie, ON and hes a Canadian for CFL purposes.

He's an import.

I have to beg to differ:

You are correct. I am completely out of my mind. Thanks for helping me retrieve it :oops:

Let`s face it, you were paying more attention to the flight attendants on that flight rather than Graves! :smiley:

Kyle's signed ! Merry Christmas young man ! Welcome to Montreal

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Some audio from Popp and Quinlan on his signing:

Signing confirmed by the Als. Three-year contract,i.e. 2 years + option. Will he wear number 12? Number wore by Rod Davis in 2012.


Happy with the signing and wishing him the best of luck. Hope he can snag the number 2 spot.

Looks like it'll be goodbye for adrian. Someone get senior a kleenex.

Quinlan follows as the latest of the few Canadians who: a) made it to the Als training camp or b) made it as a number two QB or c) made the team but never got into a game or d) became the teams first string QB.

a) Luc Tousinault- who was a draft choice of the Buffalo Bills.
b) Bruce Coulter- he was number two behind the great Sam Etcheverry in the late fifties.
c) Jessie Palmer- after an NFL second string QB experience, made the team but never got into a game. Happy ending though, he has a career in American broadcasting.
d) Gerry Dattillo- the most successful Canadian QB ever. Back in the 60s, Dattillo had a very successful university career in the Big Sky Conference in Western USA and made the team after that. Of course, with our American coaches, he started as a receiver but, quickly earned the #1 QB slot. I recall making the trip to Montreal, went to the Bio O and, enjoyed looking at Dattillo have a great game winning experience. I bet some of you younger guys are unaware that the Als did have a Canadian who was succesful at the starting QB position. However, the next season, the team was purchased by a wealthy Vancouver owner who, attempted to induce more fans into the Big O by giving Vince Ferragamo $300 000 to leave the old La Rams of the NFL. This demoted Dattilo to second string QB. Ferragamo was a a bust and, the team became insolvent and folded. I believe Dattillo wound up with Calgary in a backup role. I hope Quinlan follows the success of Dattillo!

Sure do remember Dattillo (#9 if memory serves correct). In the off season, he was a substitute teacher in the Montreal area, was a substitue gym teacher for a short period of time at my high school.

He was also the team's kicker. He took over from Vince Ferragamo in 1980. He now resides in Calgary where he owns or owned a hardware store.

Hfx : interesting, do you know how Dattillo made out with the Calgary Stamps? I though Gerry D was a good QB and would like to know more about his career in Calgary. I think that G D was with them after the Als folded. Like many of us, I was very happy to have a Canadian as the starter with our team and I felt, at that time, that he would have been a good draw for the Als but, along came Ferragamo, Billy "White Shoes"Johnson and a couple other NFL guys and, as noted, the team shut down.

I don't know anyting more. Also there was James Scott from the Chicago Bears, David Overstreet RIP sixth overall pick of the Dolphins, tom Cousineau #1 NFL pick of the Cleveland Browns. Team had tons of talent but huge problems between the star players brought in and the "grunts" and some of the worst coaching in CFL history.

I saw the above after a Google search. Basically, he got "bumped" in the Vince Ferragamo thingie when he went back to being a backup. So, it is all conjecture and speculation what he might have been able to do had he had the chance to prove his worth as a starter. We'll never know.

Thanks jkm for locating this material. The next time I seek info I'll go to Wikipedia first. Looking back on this time, I lived in Niagara Falls and, the Toronto news papers did not follow this QBs career. And, there were no PCs around back then. How did we ever manage without them?

A mistake was just made as I posted,on the CFL site, remarks that should have placed in this section. I value the material of all that is posted in this section. When I’m looking for CFL material. I go first to this Alouette forum and, I have learned greatly from the insights that all of you have contributed about our beloved Als and, the CFL in general. I find great enjoyment from our written interactions with each other pertaining to or favorite football team.And, I am very positive about the 2013 edition of our Als.