Report: Als in contact with Nick Setta

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Setta a eu des problèmes à Hamilton, mais lorsqu'on voit ce que DeAngelis y fait, il est à se demander si ce ne sont pas les fantômes d'Ivor Wynne qui font dévier les ballons. Je ne crois pas que les Alouettes feraient de Setta leur premier choix, mais parmi les candidats, il demeure une option envisageable.

En tout cas, on ne verra plus le timoré de la Coupe Grey, et c'est déjà une bonne nouvelle.

I say give him a try at training camp.

I like Setta. He was recruited by Desjardins in Hamilton too. Looks like Duval is not coming back...

Mrs MadJack always liked Setta, although for reasons not related to his on-field performance as a kicker.

Anyway, we need an upgrade at the kicker spot, so it's good they are talking to kickers.

IMHO, I don't see Setta as an upgrade over Duval at all...Either in performance or (obviously) status! I have to believe that Popp, like every other CFL GM, wants a Canadian at the kicking position(s). I think if Setta were to sign, he would only be an insurance policy until a competent Canadian comes along...And he probably knows it!

J'ai également cette perception de la situation et de Setta.

À sa décharge, il faut admettre que Hamilton est un endroit hostile pour un botteur. Il y a souvent des vents de travers, qui peuvent être irréguliers. Ce n'est pas pour rien que DeAngelis a vu ses performances baisser, et ce n'est pas pour rien qu'il a dû s'entretenir longtemps avec Obaldiston pour un peu redresser la situation. À Montréal, Setta aurait peut-être un meilleur pourcentage de placements réussis. En tout cas, je ne crois pas qu'il ferait pire que ce que Duval a fait depuis le 29 novembre 2009.

Le fait d'entretenir des discussions est une bonne approche. L'avenir dira s'il faut que ça devienne plus formel.

Setta contacted the Als, do people read ?

The story says that Marcel Desjardins followed up with a return call to Setta. Setta had a very good 2008 season, but declined in 2009 supposedly because of a back injury. If that has been corrected he is definitely a person of interest.

My feeling is that the team will try to draft Christopher Milo, but if beaten to the punch will go after Setta provided his back has healed.

Colt David would be there in case neither option pans out.

According to CJAD yesterday, Damon Duval has not spoken to Jim Popp since he moved to the U.S. in Dec. That would indicate the team has no interest in bringing him back. if they did they would have made some kind of offer by now.

Calm down. If you read the article:

But what makes this intriguing is that Als’ assistant general manager Marcel Desjardins followed that up with a return call to Setta.

Desjardins was the Ticats’ former GM who brought Setta into the league in 2007.

“It was a casual conversation ... your plans and what would you like to do,? Setta told The Gazette from his Chicago home. “I called them originally, but they’ve been in contact since.?[/i]

I'm calm, I was making reference to Paul Stanley not of Kiss who suggests Setta would not be interested. You don't call a team if your not interested in playing for them.

Excusez-moi, mais je ne comprends pas votre explication. J'avais plutôt l'impression que Paul Stanley voulait dire que c'était les Alouettes qui ne seraient pas si intéressés. Mais ma compréhension de l'anglais est limitée, alors je peux être à côté de la plaque.

Your limited English comprehension still appears to be better than that of HfxTC as that was exactly what I was saying!

You are right that Nick Setta has not shown to be a superior kicker to Damon. Problem for Damon, his head gets messed up under pressure and he married the daughter of an executive who left in less than gracious circumstances (on both sides) now some may say that should not be an issue but in real life it is.

I dont agree with your claim that Jim Popp wants a NI kicker , yet he's played an import kicker at the position for years (even when he was the HC) and both replacement the team used when Damon got injured have been imports AND I've heard him say that the Kicker position is right up there behind the QB position in importance so using the best player available regardless of where he's born. Now there are at least two good prospects in this year's draft that will interest most CFL teams, I'm sure the Als will figure something out.