report: alouettes to lose their first draft choice...

due to exceeding the 2007 salary cap...

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IF this is indeed true, great for the Cats as they go from getting #'s 1 & 9 in a very deep & talented draft to 1 & 8. :thup:

I wouldn't be suprised if more than the Als were over the limit.

Heck, we could end up getting the first 8 picks... lol

looks as though it will be made public soon.

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Unless I misread the article, it looks as though the Ticats could pick up the Al's forfeited pick at the number 8 spot and then proceed to begin the second round at number 1.

That’s the way i read it too, that means Hamilton gets 3 of the top 9 picks. This is awesome news.

Obie now has more options on draft day. Good news for us.

The rest of the league won't be happy that we get an extra pick in the first round, though. But like the TSN article implies, it's their fault...they agreed to it in a previous contract.

Now there's a decent rebuilding strategy. Offer up a bunch of quality players in lopsided deals that other teams would be crazy to turn down, thereby forcing them to take on big contracts they can't afford, and then pick up their draft picks the following year. I like it.

Wait are you saying that Desjardins actually had a clue as to what he was doing? :stuck_out_tongue:

Ya maybe by doing that we'll be a contender in 20 years lol. But first of all teams aren't stupid, believe it or not teams actually are paying attention to their finances and aren't taking other teams bad contracts and second the CFL draft is like the lottery and seems like a first round pick has a 1 in 20 chance of being a solid player. Just look at last year, Bauman was the only first round pick who got any playing time.

This is pretty big. You have Lumsden, Mariuz, McKay-Loescher, Hage, Marcoux who are true starters (Hudson if healthy too). Dyakowski, Bauman, Radein or Piercy potential starters as well.

So that is 5 - 8 NI positions taken care of. The Cats have so many options available.

  1. Use the top pick a select the best play they feel can fit.
  2. Trade the top pick and one of our Canadian prospects for a legit Cdn. starter.
  3. If they like their Canadian talent use the first pick and trade the 8 and 9 for an American that can start at Tackle, D-line or a DB.

Perhaps we could negotiate with Marcel and trade them the first round pick they lost, only it would be #8 now, for their top player in the secondary or a defensive lineman or maybe Reggie Hunt. Wouldn't cost the 'Cats anything really and they would get a free player for a draft pick they didn't have a week ago.
Or they could see who is available when the pick comes and decide to draft what they need or draft what someone else needs/wants and trade later.

i think it would be wrong for the als to be fined and lose the pick (and for the cats to benefit). reading this story, it appears the als did the honourable and just thing.
there is this quote from the story:
"Clubs should not be discouraged from treating players respectfully and in a benevolent, humane way."

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Montreal is well aware of what the Cap is and what they need to do to stay under it. They should have brought this to the CFL's attention throughout the course of the year.

If you want to help out a player then you are going to have to make concessions elsewhere. Maybe you dont trade for Maas.

Although I understand the honorable and just thing, Montreal knew full well that it was the first year of the cap. They could have made concessions other places (as whoknows said, not trading for Maas).

One thing that definitely won't help the Al's is their original refusal to have their books audited. I'm sure that will come up when the sit down with the league and plead their case. To me it would seem as though Popp thinks the cap didn't apply to him.

I don't think we have all the facts. For starters we're talking about a Canadian player here, with Canadian public health care. Surely the $100k in salary could have been used to pay uninsured medical expenses if all the Al's wanted to do was "the humane thing." This option held out the possibility of the player being activated if his health improved. Bottom line is it is impossible to assign motives (good or bad) to past actions. The issue should have been discussed and documented at the beginning of the season. Asking for relief after the fact leaves the league, once again, exposed to the suggestion that the salary cap has no teeth. Sooner or later the league needs to make a stand.

Sucks for us, but good for you.