Report: Alouettes jump up to first pick in trade with Elks

MONTREAL ā€” Hours before the CFL Draft gets underway, the Montreal Alouettes appear to have made a major move.

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Well, I DID say (twice on record) that if Jones traded his #1 it would be with Als. Of course, I mused about 2 QB's changing hands as well. However, if Carter O'Donnell is in the mix in the next year or 2, that would explain the Saxelid trade to the TiCats.

Next moves - I would not be surprised to see Jones take Tre Ford @ 4 or 8 - good chance he's available. Jones said Tre & his brother were the best guys @ the Buffalo combine with all the American guys, so he definitely has interest. Good trade for both parties, great trade for Elks if they get O'Donnell north in the next couple of years. We'll see.

Hey ā€“ pantsonfire ā€“ was not expecting all this activity by Jones prior to the start of the draft. Five picks in the first 3 rounds is nice to have. Increases the odds of landing some quality young talent for now and the future! You mentioned Tre Ford - - so Iā€™m guessing Tyrell Richards will not be possible at #4 or #8? Any thoughts?

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No. IMO Als really wanted Richards or the trade wasn't made. If Carter O'Donnell comes North, possible as he has spent 2 years on the Colts PR & if he's there again after camp this year, he could be in Edmonton sooner than later. Frankly the trade of Saxelid shocked me. He likely starts @ LT for Hamilton this year - he's highly regarded by football people. So I wonder would Jones have made the trade to Hamilton if he didn't have some inkling O'Donnell is a good possibility?

I had mentioned a couple of times, half seriously, that Jones would trade his #1 to Als for #4 & try to waggle Adams out of Mtl & send Arbuckle there. But Jones has talked extremely highly of the Ford brothers so could he take Tre Ford? Your guess is as good as mine. John Hodge has said whomever drafts him automatically gets the most athletic QB in the league. So I am very interested what they do with their picks - 6 picks in the top 30. Elk fans will have a lot to talk about. With all those picks they certainly could take a flyer on Ford to address their future needs there. With the draft being as shallow as it is past the 1st couple of rounds, it certainly makes sense to have a lot of draft picks in the top end. IMO the bulk of the picks will be used on defence.

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