Report - '16 season may have new flex scheduling

Thought you all would enjoy some info that I received from a CFL source. The CFL has been reviewing about a possible major CFL schedule change for the '16 season. I have heard they are working with TSN on arrangements that could change the CFL scheduling and improve on new fall traditions.

The new schedule format would be as such.

Season begins on Canada Day and standard schedule runs as usual to the Labour Day rematches. Then all games from what is usually Sept 8-15 to end of regular season will have the new schedule format.

All games will be played on Thursday/Friday/Saturday afternoons followed by the game of the week. And on every Sunday night the CFL will release the game of the week for the following scheduled week and will be played Saturday night. This is to highlight the best game of the week on its own special tv time slot.

I personally love this idea. And think this could be what the CFL needs to take their tv partnership to new levels. Marketing would be fantastic and every sports fan would know when the big CFL game for that week will be on.

Been told that the CFL was thinking about this years ago for Friday night but could not make it work. Apparently Saturday nights are alright for CFL football.

One issue that I heard was a stumbling block are change of dates affecting hotels/fan travel/flights and as it works for College Basketball/Football in the states it should work in Canada for the CFL. Was told that teams have policies in place with hotels and flights to make changes so it shouldn't be an issue anyway.

And with a possible expansion making 5 games a week possible. This could be an amazing new addition to CFL traditions especially in the fall.

Not only do I not believe this is being attempted, I would hate it if they did, and I think it would bomb.

I love the idea of a standard "CFL Saturday" to train fans to know exactly when CFL games are on. After that, they just need to get non CFL fan Canadians hooked on CFL pick-em pools and things like that.

I don’t really see the need for flex scheduling unless it’s closer to the end of the regular season and you want to promote pivotal games that will determine playoffs. Then again, all games are national and they can always make the ‘game of the week’ simply available on all 5 feeds.

Well .. The CFL has done everything possible to destroy itself recently.. Wtf.. Let's let fans not have a clue when to go watch the overpriced penalty competions

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Terrible idea. People buy their tickets ahead of time because a game fits into their schedule. Shifting a game would create a lot of angry customers. Wouldn't bother me much, since I would go at the drop of a hat to watch my Argos, but a lot of people pin the schedule up and plan their life around it.

McMahon, is that you ?

If you have a 30 team league where almost half the teams are done by the quarter season mark, this makes difference. It doesn't make any sense in a league that has a total 4 games a week. They should start by just promoting the games more to begin with as they are.

Post #1 from a guy who claims to have inside info. Now where have we seen this before? MattsDad?

Ok I can may be live with this but only if the game was broadcast on the much larger CTV network instead.
Make it a real spectacle like Hockey Night in Canada.
TSN has done a great job with FNF so this would be a natural increase.

You guys do realize that this was posted 15 minutes after the OP joined and he signed out at 2:15 and hasn't been back. Sad enough to get hooked by a troll but to get hooked by one who can't even be bothered to see how many he caught......

This place is soooooooooooo gullible.

I wish they would scrap the regular Thursday night game. It kind of makes sense in the NFL with 30 teams, but not in the CFL with only 9. For the same reason, I don't think a flex schedule would really appeal to the masses. It would also be a headache to the teams that share their stadiums with CIS or soccer teams.

Not putting too much relevance in this, as a floating schedule would hurt those who like to plan around games. TSN already is supposed to be televising all games nationally.

I would like to see the league and the teams spend some money on marketing to promote the league. If it wasn't for TSN showing the upcoming CFL schedule each week, would we see or hear anything about the upcoming games. If the CFL can learn anything about the NFL, is to promote the crap out of yourself, so when negative things happen, you have a rolling marketing plan that overwhelms it.

The CFL and the teams should be buying ad time on every tv and radio channel promoting upcoming games. Even putting ads on YouTube and further with social media.

Spend money to make money.

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