replica jerseys:explain

As a new cfl fan I was wondering is there any logical reason why cfl replica jerseys are so rediculously expensive? from nhl to nfl i have never come across replica jerseys that cost this much and the majority, if not all of them, don't even come with names or numbers printed on them. any answers?

ya its pretty stupid, i got my Brady jersey for $109 and if i wanta cfl one im mos tlikely paying $179, can get an NBA jersey for around $50. So ya good question why are cfl jerseys so expensive?

Well if its Rider gear your plundering for it may be because of the simple business law of supply and demand.


Check the level of quality that you're purchasing - most replica jerseys exist in 3-4 quality levels, the most expensive being the pro-weight, pro-stitching made by the actual jersey makers. Lots of replica jerseys are made of lighter weight material, lighter stictching, made by other companies, etc. Be sure you're comparing apples to apples.

For example, last year a Rider replica jersey started at about $80, and went up from there to about $180 (all without names/numbers). The additional name/number cost was also based on the size/style/quality you choose.

Sigh.....Unfortunately supply and demand. I'm as guilty as the next one. I've picked up jerseys for the Grand kids.......

CFL jerseys are expensive. I bought my Peyton jersey for around $116 after taxes. And I saw a Calderon jersey for $40 or $50.

Of course, NHL jerseys are also pricey. I bought my Oilers jersey (sans numbers) for about $116.

supply and demand? a bit weird. I mean if you compare it to nfl europe and the world league that was over here you could buy replica jerseys for 50 euros or pounds and that was with numbers. i doubt the demand for them was greater than the cfl. i can also understand why the jerseys don't have numbers based on the flucuation of rosters in the league but it was also the case in europe so many of the numbers printed on the jerseys were just random. surely the cfl could come up with this standardized ingenious idea so the fan apparel looks somewhat decent. :roll:

Not only are they expensive, the quality is horrible compared to the jerseys the players wear. I purchased a personalized replica Argos jersey back in 2004. I still have it. It's alright. I wear it to games and Grey Cups.

However, 2 months ago, the Argos had a locker room sale and were selling game worn jerseys and helmets. I purchased a game worn jersey. It belonged to Byron Parker on the Argos (he's one of the players sometimes seen on the CFL home page).

WHAT A DIFFERENCE! The qaulity of the jersey is AMAZING. All the logos, numbers and stitching ar all embroidered. It has the embroidered advertisements from Rona and Panasonic. The material is much higher quality. It looks amazing. Mind you it was expensive. $300. I don't mind paying more for quality. I'll be wearing the Parker jersey this year.

Just looked at the NFL sites shop and $100 seems to be a common price point and $75 is the next price down. As others have mentioned, I assume the difference in US prices are based on the quality at the price point. CFL ones are likely slightly more expensive just based on the quantity orders. The NFL is going to get a better deal as the order a lot more shirts than the CFL does.

Yep. There's almost nothing on the market that compares to the pro weight/pro stitching on the real thing. And if all of the numbers, etc. were the tackle twill embroidered, you wouldn't get that made for you for $300, so you got a deal, plus it's game worn.

I got my Bret Meyer ISU jersey for $15 so it just goes to show there is a MASSIVE mark up on pro jerseys.

I have boughten 4 bomber replicas and paid no more then 120 for any of them. i got a custom puma before the switch to reebok for 95, a joe fleming for 120, a custom for my dad at 117, and a replica stegall for 85.

Very true. I purchased a Dan Comiskey game worn for 300 and it's an awsome quality and it even came with the Rona and Scotiabank crests as well.

For the replicas, I would almost wish for the amount that you're asked to fork out for one without numbers (or even with numbers for that matter) the logos should be actual crests and not an iron on patch and better in quality.

And the Euro league still went under. I guess that explains why they were so inexpensive - nobody wanted them.

If it truly is supply and demand that makes CFL gear so expensive, then the gear must be over-the-top popular and constantly sold out.

I ordered an Eskies jersey a couple of years ago and it took several months to get it and I had to settle for a gold one.

what about the arena league as well, hardly as big an audience as the cfl, although probably bigger than nfl europe. the jerseys are 50usd with numbers. I'm ranting at this stage but I still don't get it. i doubt jerseys are keeping the cfl afloat

Great post and very true! When I was in Montreal last August I really wanted to purchase a 'Cahoon' replica but just didn't have the cash on me. But after looking at it closely it was definetly great quality.

Thanks. And that's the point that's been missed so often when someone says they saw a jersey of so-and-so for such a cheap price. Without knowing what tier or quality level it was, the price doesn't tell that much.

If you got a pro-weight/pro-stitched jersey, made by the team's actual jersey manufacturer, with embroidered and stitched decals and logos, from ANY team in ANY league, for $50, even without name/number, you got a steal of a deal. But I'm guessing other than defunct league blowouts, the jerseys at that price point are entry level.

The CFL sells a lot less of there merchandise when compared to an NFL franchise. The NFL franchise because it is buying in bulk will get a better deal then a CFL team will because of how much more it is ordering. Think of it like comparing Safeway to Costco.