Replica Grey Cup Rings given out at Home Opener

First 6000 get Grey Cup rings for the Argos home opener at the shipyard .

Great idea and novelty .

Not sure the quality of the replica but still a great souvenir for the rabid fan .

I’m unsure what they are trying to accomplish with this promo. I would have rather seen those marketing dollars spent on attracting those who haven’t yet bought a ticket.

People will show up for free stuff.

The Flutie bobble head game from last year is a good example.

People love swag especially unique items .

Waste of money to spend valuable marketing $ to attract cheapskates who want free stuff only, and don’t care about the game. Those same people will then tell a hundred others about how expensive it is to go to a game for beer, food etc (they’re cheapskates, remember) and the marketing efforts will actually produce a negative net result by pushing newbies away - vs attracting them to buy tickets.

Great idea. This seems like something that would have widespread popularity for hardcore fans of the team and be pretty cool for most kids.

A good idea, a keepsake and memento from a Grey Cup year. These rings will be curios for time to come. The Argos need to get the news out that the team is winning: this is a good way to do it.

As the man in Hudsucker Proxy said, "You know, for kids!!"

The key to this is that the Argos are trying. Not to mention that the organization has six thousand fans. There have been fewer than this number at many games over the past two decades.

In the past there was gate equalization so that the wealthy clubs could subsidize the poor clubs, like Regina. Not so anymore, but can you imagine if Regina's surplus were distributed around the league as it used to be when the Roughriders were poor?

Meanest club in the league, Saskatchewan. Enjoy the feast while it lasts.

It was the provincial Roughrider lotteries here and dedicated fans digging deeper in their pockets to keep the team afloat. Revenue sharing is nothing new and it can be helpful - but it surely didn’t keep the Riders alive on its own.

But we learned a valuable lesson: “If it is to be, its up to me?. Look at what has been built here, in the smallest market no less.

When metropolitan, cosmopolitan cities in Canada cannot get 20,000 out to a pro sports league game in a century old historic league, it’s apathy - nothing more.

I can tell you Ottawa is handing out stuff constantly . It's good quality as it is usually sponsored with RB's and whoever is the sponsor .

Not a lot of cost but a great benefit .

Most pro teams do it .

I have RB's coins , cow bells , flags (large and small) , photos with friends etc... all part of the swag .

It's all part of the experience of going to the game instead of sitting at home .

I think it's a great idea as well, better than some tshirts given away with a bazooka gun shooting the rolled up tshirts into the stands.

would like to see the Cats give out the Comfree sponsored lawn signs again.

I've had my up for 2 (3?) years now...through winters, and it still looks great.

great free product.

Nothing like being rewarded for going to the game and being appreciated .

Those subtle touches like the lawn sign are reminders that the game might not have been good but the rest of the event was worth the money and time .

Today you can't just rely on the game itself that you can watch at home in luxury and comfort .

You need the surrounding game day event to appeal to people that going to the game is better .

It also makes me proud to drive around the city and see the signs on other peoples lawns.

A great promotion!

I genuinely want to go early to that game in order to nab one.

Took a shot of my proud sign...third year I believe...still looks good.

Yet they can’t sell out season tix for $190?

Think about it for a moment.

I thought about it. Some people don't want to sit in the upper corner. They want to sit somewhere better. Those tickets don't cost 190. Also, until last year most games were "pretty much " sellouts, until they went 0-8.

(it's actually 209, we got $19 back since we didn't host a home playoff game. )

Get me one :).....Im not an argo fan but would love to have one

I believe the Hamilton Bulldogs did this when they won the Calder Cup back in the day for their season ticket holders. Was a bit before my time.