I must be missing something sitting in my mid-field $66 seats. I know, it's replays. If I had saved money and sat at home to watch the Argo game, each of those no-yards penalties would have been replayed from three different angles and I wouldn't be as incensed that we got shafted by the officials for being maybe 4.99 yards from the returner when the ball came down. Geez, our D-line breaks through and hits Bishop's arm while throwing so the ball only goes 8 yards for an incompletion, and we get nailed for a "roughing the passer" penalty. I can't even remember seeing Wayne Shaw's interference penalty on the Dofasco Board. So I'll have to take your word for it that we need to cut down on senseless penalties. For the Montreal game I am going to trade Dofasco Board commercials for CBC commercials because from my vantage point I can get better value elsewhere.

If it helps, I taped the game and rewatched all the calls you're talking about. All the calls were correct, although a couple of the no yards calls were close. (They did show one or two of those on the screen at the game btw.)

An interesting idea for the replays (that might get some officials in hot water)...

Since "we have the technology" to "paint" a virtual first-down line, why can't we create a virtual no-yards circle that is centred on the punt returner?

Put it this way - if a player fields a punt at the 20, any punting-team player who is offside the punter inside the 25 is guilty of no-yards AS LONG AS HE'S ON A DIRECT-LINE FROM THE PUNTER TO THE RECEIVER. You can still be inside the 25-yard-line, and STILL be more than 5 yards from the receiver.

It would make it interesting to use a virtual no-yards circle in challenging a call...

Bck to the shaw penalty, that was a terrible call. They got tripped up and it was incidental. Shaw was playing the ball, as was the reciever. And they'll NEVER replay a somewht controversial call like that.

Shaw wasnt looking back, he put one arm up after the ball was there and was nowhere near it.

He was simply out of position and took out the receiver.

yup. clueless.