Did anyone see the replay to the punt where holmes touched the ball when it went by him. I havent see it on any of the cats highlights. Just curious if he really did touch it or not.

cbc's coverage said he might have but according to the rules of the replay challenge it wasnt conclusive so it shouldn't have been ruled a touched ball by holmes the original call should have been put back and it should've been ticats ball

He must have.

That was what the initial call was, but was then later overturned after an officials' conference.

Then that was overturned after video replay, so I can only assume it was definitive evidence.

i just cant picture holmes touching it though because he is a very smart player and he would of turned right around and jumped on the ball. does anyone know if u can see these replays online anywhere.

I was in box F, fairly close to that play, and I thought it touched him.

After all the confusion, I could only assume that Holmes was trying to trick the refs into thinking that he didn't touch it, in which case it's a dumb play.

The only other explanation would be that he didn't feel it.

Did anyone watch the replay on TV?

i just saw the replay on ch sports scope. :x :x The refs on the field called that he didnt touch the ball and after the replays there is no chance in hell that you could prove that he did. they showed 2 different angles and one fully zoomed and you couldnt tell. that is horible officating. :thdn:

Greg Frers was on the 5th quarter after the game and said none of the CBC replays were conclusive.

Steve Armitage and the reporter from RDS both watched the monitor they had in front of them and concluded that from the one angle, the ball did touch Holmes.

I saw the replay on TigerVision and it touched Holmes, it went off his foot. He should have fallen on the ball when he had the chance.

No way you could see the ball touch Holmes foot without slow motion replays ,especially on Tigervision,no matter where we sit you have to have slow mo,or a zoom shot which I never saw up there.

Glad the journalists from Quebec RDS thought the ball touched his foot :? ,thats like asking Greg Marshall what he thinks.
Geeeez give me a break.

I'm glad the next game is Thursday already.

lmao :lol:

Watching the game here on CBC TV, I don't know how anyone could state that those camera angles provide clear visual evidence to overturn the call of the field. I am curious as to why the ball did not change direction or acceleration as one would expect from a deflected ball from a foot...

My two cents...

Oski Wee Wee,