Why are the ticket buyers at the donut box deprived of instant replay on challenges while the non paying couch potato gets multiple angles.this is not the case in all stadiums


This made sense when the referee on the field would review the replay to decide on the call, as the league didn't want the fans to influence the referee's decision. Now that the decision is made by the Command Centre? Not so much.

My feelings in triple!!! Why am I paying $700 to sit in the stadium and the "big screen" shows a bunch of airheads waving their cans of Molsons beer and not even watching the game??

Come on Cats, show those critical plays, not some drunk who can't even be bothered to watch the game!

I'm showing my age, but you can bank that my "team survey" will include the expectation that the primary focus of a football game sould be football, not cheesecake.

When you get your “thank you for attending” email. Put your feedback there.

What bugged me was despite the sparse use of replay throughout the game, they conveniently managed to replay a close play by the Ticats secondary on a critical down, which was ultimately challenged successfully by SK for pass interference. Not to say SK wouldn’t have challenged anyway, but it’s literally like the replay board was being run by an SK fan. After all times we didn’t get replays, they somehow damn sure managed to show a replay that might help Chris Jones decide to challenge for PI. Unbelievable.

The worst is BMO, they will show replays only when the Argos have the ball but if there is a sack or fumble etc by the Argos no replay is shown. No replay if the other team is on offense or makes a big play.

If you want to watch replays you can stream the game on your Iphone etc, I do this when I go to games in Ottawa and Hamilton where they have free in-stadium wifi.
Another negative about BMO for me is no wifi so I can't watch the TSN replays on my Iphone like I can in Ottawa or Hamilton.

Yeah, I do just that most games (as well as commenting on the things that go well). So far, I'm zero for, what is it now, four years? :smiley:

Like pounding your head against the wall, knowing it will feel good when you stop!

I agree airheads waving their cans of Molsons beer and not even watching the game

We have been complaining about this since the stadium opened! They only show the odd replay and never one where there is any controversy at all! The Stadium crew needs to get their heads out of their asses as much as the players and team management does!

Those airheads bought a ticket and furthermore are spending lots of money on beer. Which ultimately helps to support the Cats. As long as they don't spill their beer on you then all is fine. :wink:

I just don't feel there is a need to watch them on the screen when there is a game related option. I'm thinking they're drinking whether or not I'm watching.

I think they refuse to show the replays at THF to avoid a riot. The Cats get screwed so often by the replay officials, they want to keep it from the fans.

How that wasn't illegal contact on Saunders is beyond me. He was contacted illegally -- he fell as a result -- he was the intended receiver -- and the pass was intercepted.\

They call illegal contact for guys on the other side of the field -- no where near the ball. How do they let that go?

That was so clear even Suitor and Cuthbert expected it to be overturned. They changed their tune after the call, but while waiting for the decision Cuthbert said the INT wouldn't stand.

According to the rulebook, I'd say that was not illegal contact on Saunders, as it looked to me like Saunders initiated the contact. But, given the way the penalty has actually been called all year and last, especially by the Command Centre, I am very, very surprised that the call was not overturned.

To the Command Centre: If you're going to ignore the rulebook, at least do it consistently. OK?