Replay Review

so im going to start out by saying im a calgary fan. regardless i agree with you on the reviews…not too sure what they saw but obviously i wasnt complaining :smiley: lol. but the biggest suprise for me all season was your team not being in the top 2 or 3 in the league…not last in the west. i do agree that pierce is done. watching him play is almost painful…unfourtantly every now and than he makes a pass to the endzone and makes the coaching staff unsure of his fate…JJ is no ricky ray or henry burris but he, IMO, is better than bucky. but joseph? no and i garuntee you he will not leave TO because of the money. he is making more there as a backup than anywhere as a starter. but you do not want him on your team. printers is a better choice but still not great. i think you prolly shoulda picked glen before he signed with hamilton but even then…im not going to lie…the decent qbs are taken and signed to long contracts already lol you need to find a new young qb out of a college team down in the states and build him up. but having a “controversy” with buck and jackson is only hurting your team

Good news for you, bad for us. But that's how football goes, just sucks when it happens to your team.