Replacing the Coin Toss... (XFL type idea)

I have an idea!

Rather than have a coin toss to determine possession at the start of the game the CFL should...

Bring out an inflatable kiddie pool and fill it with mud. A coin would be placed at the bottom of the pool prior to the mud being added.

A cheerleader from each team would be chosen and placed inside of the pool. Both cheerleaders would proceed to wrestle in an atempt to find the coin.

Whoever comes up with the coin wins and the team that they represent would have the choice to recieve of kick.

Now, a slight modification to the rules regarding the start of the 2nd half...

If Hamilton recieves the ball to start the game they would kick to start the 2nd half. Well...

If the cheerleader can come up with the coin AND cause a UFC-style submission on her opponent... the winning team would receive the ball to start BOTH halfs of the game. No submission? Then the standard kick off rules would apply.


(this thread was made strictly for humourous purposses... no cheerleaders were harmed in the making of this thread)

Did you use to own the Ottawa Renegades by any chance.

This would be enough to make the average guy forget about football.

Sounds like something Howard Stearn would like.

Oops - Howard Stearn and cheerleaders mentioned in the same thread - the "delete" countdown is on...

I'm thinking a Royal Rumble coin toss for labour day :smiley:

On a slightly more serious note I would like to see something done with the VERY boring point after touchdown.
In the CFL about 3 are missed every year.
Why not have them scrimage from the 5 yard line and earn the extra point that way???
Or something...any suggestions??
And no, cheerleaders finding a coin would not work.

I don't think that a scrimmage from the 5 yard line is worth risking injury for only 1 point. I like the PAT as is because you have the option to go for 2. But I wouldn't be opposed to some form of change.

How about bringing the teams cheerleading squads out and have them scrimmage from the 5!

In keeping with the humour part I took the liberty of posting the politically correct version of your idea, my corrections have been bolded, please continue everyone, oh and there will be a test afterwards!!

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :rockin:

ooooooooo I like this one

:thup: :cowboy:

Dance Team Member is the politically correct term?

What's wrong with Cheerleader?


Hence the term.... Cheerleader.

However, what we DO have is a dance team (not cheerleaders). It may not be politically correct but it is accurate.

Well I'd still like to see the Dance team members brawling it out MMA style in an octagon at the 55 yard line.

Don't you mean, did your FATHER used to own and let you run the Renegades by any chance.