Replacing Ricky Foley With EJ Kuale

Not sure if Chris Jones is looking for a pass rush that consists of patty-cakes and jumping jacks, but his decision to replace Foley with Kuale at DE is a complete head scratcher. Toronto had a pathetic pass rush last year, and the only team worse at getting pressure on the QB was Calgary & Chris Jones. After seeing the first game, I'm begining to realize why. You don't put your best pass rusher on the bench for half the game and then have him dropping into coverage when he does get on the field.

Any guesses on how many games it's going to take Jones to realize that Foley is an every down DE? Apparently Jones is a pretty clever football guy, so I'd say he should reach this conclusion by Labour Day.

Well, to give Chris Jones his due. . . while the Argos were in a 4/3 set Foley was in at end, it was only when Jones went to a 3/4 set that Kuale came in and Jones came out. . . as a Jack in a 3/4 set, I do tend to think that Kuale is better suited to that role than is Foley.

Anyway, Toronto's defence held Edmonton's offence to only one offensive touchdown; do that and you should win games. Pretty green secondary (only vet was Younger and he was playing out of position at safety first, and then due to injury went out to the corner). . . so there was lots there for Jyles to attack, but the only big gains they got were due to YAC by Bowman and Coehoorn, and not due to any arm strength or stellar reading of defences on the part of Jyles.

So I really think that Toronto's defence and Edmonton's offence were well matched. Whether that means they are both good, both bad, or both mediocre (and I tend to favour the latter), we'll find out this weekend when they play different opponents.

It had nothing to do with a 3/4 or a 4/3 look, nor was it a situational substitution based on down or distance. Check the film - - Foley would play an entire series and then on the next change of possession Kuale would play an entire series.

Kuale is a LB. He has zero pass rush skill and on top of that he's nowhere close to being strong enough or big enough to take on OTs. Watch what happens this week against Calgary if Toronto tries a repeat performance of this. Dickenson will be smart enough to attack Kuale and expose this.

I beg to differ, I think it had everything to do with a 3/4 or a 4/3 look. And I don't have to 'check the film', I was there. Section E, row 6, seat 13.

It's up to Jones if he wants to go to a 3/4 based on down/distance or just wants to give it a whole series regardless of down/distance to mess with Jyles' head. Again, if you limit your opponent to only one offensive touchdown over a whole game, you've done pretty well I'd say.

Considering the QB was career journeyman/clipboard holder Steve Jyles - - who was even worse than Chip Lemon last year - - I don't think the 19pts allowed is anything to start patting each other on the back about.

He's saying the defense was NOT A PROBLEM. He's right.

And I'm saying let's not use a performance against Steve Jyles as a measuring stick for how good the defence might be.

I don't know about you, but I'd rank Jyles as the league's worst starting QB - - so you wouldn't expect a defence to have problems containing his offence.