replacing players

Fans worry too much when players are missing because of injury or departure. Hard or easy to replace players? The answer is yes and no depending on who is missing. Unlike basketball, injuries tend to have a lesser impact in football because of large rosters with many players. In the CFL, some positions are traditionally harder to fill. Namely, quarterback. Canadian offensive linemen, defensive backs and kicker. But other positions could be easy to fill and teams with good backups remain strong. Since there is an oversupply of quality players, even star players can sometimes be replaced.

Thats true, but I'd extend it to all Canadian players because traditionally whomever has the strongest stable of non-imports wins the cup.

I disagree with the best non-imports wins the cup.....Look at the cfl stats the top of most list for passing and rushing are imports

What they mean sandusky is the team with the best Canadians generally are the best teams. What it does is prevents weak spots in the lineup. You as a knowlegeable football man should know that you're only as strong as your weakest link. :stuck_out_tongue: