Replacing Jon Ryan

what are the BBs doing to replace Jon Ryan? Has anyone heard?

Westwood will do double dury in his place.

Westwood's at least 40 years old - he's not bad at field goals and maybe kicking off but his punting days are over - and they can't seriously think that at his age, he will make a whole season doing all three - he's a great guy, but chances of it working effectively are next to zippo - 0

Some are suggesting that O'Mah will come over from BC - first, his "money" is high, especially when he only punts (how much do you pay for someone who was replaced last year in BC at both placekicking and kicking off?) - second why should be come over when the club will probably try to resign sign Jon Ryan if he gets cut in Green Bay in August? Then you would end up "eating" O'Mahs salary for the rest of the year and geting nothing in return -

aright, we'll take O'Mah as a punter.

Ryan can go to Saskatchewan. **** him!

What about this (same sort of thing the 'Riders will probably also consider
with their kicking situation being what it is)?

Let Westwood placekick and maybe kickoff, and take a good (but much cheaper) import punter - then not as much is invested in the punter to start with, and you will have more money to go after Ryan if you need to, if he is cut -

if Ryan is cut.....dont the bombers still have his rights.......

Not sure, but I think he can sign with any CFL team if he is cut in the NFL

Ryan is a free agent so if he returns to the CFL, he can sign with any team.

And to reply to your specific question, I actually asked Milt Stegall this question when I was getting his autograph at the Bombers locker room sale.

Milt said that the Bombers will be bringing in 4-6 kickers to training camp to evaluate them, but in all likelihood Westwood would be back doing the kicking and FGs. Stegall then gave his teammate Dan Gyetvai a look, and the look they gave eachother was like "oh geeze, were gonna be stuck with with Troy again..." It was pretty funny...

Your take on the players’ reaction to Westwood trying to do all three kicking jobs this year is really interesting - surely the front office and coaching staff have got to have the same feeling -

What about this?

Sign Kellett (who has had injuries but did not punt last year) to compete with Westwood for the placekicking (and maybe kickoff jobs) -

Then take the additional import slot and sign a good (but much cheaper) import punter (who can also get in the kickoff mix) -

Then because of Kellett’s injury history and Westwood’s age, keep the import punter and whoever is better at field goals and kickoffs, Kellett or Westwood -

Your chances of getting through a season with this approach are much better than trying to get one (either import or non-import) to do all three. And this would make the players feel like the club is trying to improve in this area (and is just not playing somebody just because he’s been there a long time, or just because he’s a Canadian kicker)

It would also show a commitment to winning right now, and not keeping on with “the same old same old” (the players reaction to your question) - the BB fans have made it clear that they want a winner now

We want a winner more than ever and I don't think that we're gonna find it with Westwood and the main kicker.

whazzup with BBs and punting job?

round 1 - BBs made no move - 'Riders signed best available punter in country (not sure just how good that is other than Ryan)

round 2 - will BBs sign second best available punter in country (usually not very good), or sign Kellett (said he wants Regina, has been hurt a bunch, and did not even punt last year), or sign a good import punter (cheaper)?

BB fans await next round -

BB Fans -

Here's the latest update

BC is going to let O'Mahoney go (say they cannot afford his salary level)

BBs say they are interested if O'M is free agent, but

even if a free agent, why would BBs pay O'Ms kind of salary level for someone who only does one thing (punt) and just lost two kicking jobs
(placekicking and kicking off) the year before?

and why would O'm get in position where he would probably be cut by BBs if Jon Ryan gets cut in Green Bay and comes back to the CFL? it might even practically end O'M career if that happens - but at least he would get the BBs to the point of Ryan coming back

stay tuned -

bottom KK line: losing Ryan was a blow, but not a deadth blow to the Bombers. he can easly be replaced by a granted less talented, but still a great punter or kicker. If he goes to the Riders, we will deal with it.

so there you are, I've put the kiss of death on Ryan.