Replacements step up

Wow. I must say alot of our 2knd string players have really performed well giving us plenty of choices. John White has played great replacing Green giving us two great options not to mention putting STE and Timmis in here and there. Palmer has had two great games at left tackle giving us two healthy choices there. With Neil going down Richardson and whitlock have really stepped it up. With Westerman going down Justin Cap has improved. Tracy down and Howsare looking good. We also have Josh Johnson , Courtney Stefan and Fred Williams that can step in at db and get the job done if injuries occur. Williams looked great returning kicks and we have Sinkfield coming soon to have a look see. At receiver , we have a veteran in Mcdaniel getting used to the offence and getting primed for the Ottawa game and of course Sinkfield coming in to add another speed threat . The question is who will come off the 6 game injury list early ? Westerman ? Green ? Tolliver. It appears that we should have plenty of choices come playoff time. I should mention that Laurent, Masoli, Banks.Breaux and Tasker were unreal last night and are peaking at the right time. I have to say Ottawa is playing quite well right now and should make for a tough challenge to beat twice in a row. Go Eskies today. Ottawa adding national lb Ackie really helps them especially with ratio flexibility. I really hope the cats can get first place and homefield advantage. Play of the game last night was Breaux grabbing Franklin by the shirt from behind and then punching the ball loose and then recovering the fumble. A close 2knd would be Speedy’s td reception hitting the field goal post and still holding on to the ball and then giving the ball to his son in the stands

Oskie Wee Wee