replacements doing well.

I was pretty worried going into the game against bc. but the backups did really good. but what do you do with them when the people in front come back?

Landon Tally- he will be fine to go to his previous role on special teams and backup reciever. he comes in when nessisary and does well.

Bishop-the short yardage QB... and i never ever dreamed i would see him in a stamps uniform. when tate comes back, the rosters will be expanded. they could move sinoppili to the PR, put bishop at third. or bishop on the PR and leave brad at 3rd. bishop know he will never start in the CFL again. much like K.J. but i honestly cant think of a reason to release him.

paredes- his first CFL kick for a field goal was further then maver has ever hit in the CFL (50 yards compared to 45 by maver last year). I really really like maver. but this is a strange situation... you cant have 3 kickers on a roster in the CFL. I cant beleive palardy won the job over him in winnipeg. I wonder if maver will be shown the door. Huff is all class and treats guys well... but he wants to win. i dont see huff cutting him while hes injured. perhaps another job competition when he returns?

Dimitri shold be back. along with stone. Linebacking core shold be good as well. from what i heard on the radio only Mace(all season) tate(nine game) and Maver(9 game) will be gone for sure. rambo is up in the air still. im worried a bit... winnipeg is a punishing team. see what happens.

I like your thinking of keeping Bishop around in some capacity, do you think it will happen? It is a long season, I think it`s a great idea.

i suspect bishop will stay on for the season. most likely retire at the end of the year. not based on much fact. just his age. hes in the same boat right now as K.J. wich is funny, since they were part of a QB controversy in Toronto. i suspect he will stay on the roster for the remainder of the year after tate returns. they are not going to rush tate back in, even after his 9 game is up. i could see bishop being offered a QB coaching job or running back coaching job at the end of the year. i suspect sinoppili will be moved to practice roster when tate gets back. but again, this is all speculation. the stamps organization is statying pretty tight lipped about the whole thing.