Replacement QB's

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looks like #alouettes will add QB Andrew Manley to PR today and monitor Jonathan Crompton all week.Could dress, Bridge, Kato and Manley #cfl

Looks like they are going to add to the 3rd/4th spot on the depth chard rather than find an available veteran, at least for the time being.

Exactly what I thought was going to happen. No sense bringing in a QB who isn't familiar with our system. Manley at least knows what we're trying to do on offense and his job is to hold the clipboard. Now let's just try not to lose our top two quarterbacks to serious injury next game... :oops:

The Bombers just released Josh Portis. Aside from Willy they have kept Brohm, Marve, and Portis with Portis hanging onto the one game IR. essesstially an extension of the roster. With teams in need and his time spent with the seahawks but more importantly with Toronto under Milanovich. A pratctice roster spot was likely not an option for him with teams in need of a pretty good trained CFL qB.

Well he is already wearing Roughrider green . . .

Seriously, though, aren't guys like Williams (who I agree didn't get a fair shake) and Printers a little too far removed from their playing days to try a comeback?

So would I.
If I was looking to replace an injured offensive lineman, not a quarterback.

Two words: portion control. :slight_smile:


His 'one good season' another poster pointed out...was under the present Rider you know they are at minimum discussing it.

LOL !!! Step away from the buffet table Danny boy :lol: :cowboy:

Michael Bishop is the guy I would call...correction I would not have to call him because he would already be my starter

best qb of all time

did you type that with a straight face???

What could he be thinking to actually say that. If he really wanted to right his wrong and make a comeback he should have gone to the Arena League the last two seasons. Like the CFL and NFL. The AFL is also struggling to find new young talented QBs as the stars of the late 2000's are too to be recycled anymore.
McPherson had done it when there were doubts about why he never got into a game in 5 seasons and then fought through injuries.
Trevor Harris spent two springs in the AFL playing in the fall in the NFl then the next season in the UFL before signing with the Argo's.
Calgary's #3 guy also spent a season playing very well indoors before a major injury.

Let's not forget the on-field tirade Printers went on his teammates in BC when he tossed that pic at the end of the game, resulting in Winnipeg scoring and winning.

Printers is a cancer in the lockerroom. just ask anyone he's played with. That counts for a lot. Im surprised his name is even brought up at all...esp since he initiated it.


Bishop was awful and Printers just as bad . Both guys can't play now any how :roll: :roll: :roll: