Replacement QB's

So with the plethora of QB's being down this early in the season, I was wondering who you guys speculate will be the old names that will be given a call?

Casey Printers says he is willing to help the Riders.

Wow I didn't realize the Water Boy was injured too :lol: :wink:

Casey is one that popped into mind. I'm sure Steven Jyles is looking for another chance as well and I imagine Goltz will sign with someone now.

Who know's maybe Dinwiddie will be dressed up in uniform soon too.

One team last year (Lions???) invited Jyles to attend training camp. After a short period of indecision, he declined the offer.

Can't make Chicken Salad with Casey Printers.

Ah but who's out there with any experience? Timmy Chang? Cleo Lemon? Stefan LeFors? Most unemployed former CFL qbs are unemployed for a reason. . . they aren't any good.

there was a guy named Williams who never got a fair shake.

Troy Smith. 8)


Casey reads the forums...

Caseyprinters ?@CaseyPrinters
Oh man I love Canada.. Lol at the comments.. You guys are awesome! #LMAO #TheChickenSaladCommentsCrackMeUp

and wants to come back...

Caseyprinters ?@CaseyPrinters
#Ridernation its unfortunate for the loss of Double D.. But I'm available to come back and help.. #CFL #CFLStrong #ImReady
Caseyprinters ?@CaseyPrinters
Thinkin about goin out and throwin the pigskin around for a while.. #LoveTheGame #Compete

Hi Casey. While the Riders are not interested in your services, I hope you do eventually get a chance at some point. I don't want people to remember you for that bad ending.

And you know this how?

Well I certainly hope the Riders aren't interested in his services.

Printers has had one good year eleven years ago. Has never come close to that success since. He left the Lions with a horrible attitude. Came back to Hamilton for a second chance, didn't perform and still had bad attitude. Wally gave him third chance, played a bit better, not a ton better, kicked out because of attitude.

So maybe his game is back, but his attitude is crap. Or maybe his attitude is much improved but he hasn't had any consistent game in 10 years. He's in his mid 30s and hasn't played since 2011.

Even when he was MoP in 2004 he couldn't read coverages.

How much mileage can a guy get out of one hot season of sandlot ball?

Remember, we are talking about an administration that called up a retired QB last year. I would almost bet that Printers name is on the list of options that Taman has going through his head.

Tebow when/if he gets axed by the Eagles?

The 3 Stooges are available....Max,Joey and Alex aka Hall,Elliott and Brink :lol:

I'd take the guy on the left before I would take Printers :stuck_out_tongue: :roll: :wink: :lol:

Not Available.......................
Richie Williams,now busy carving out a new career in NASCAR and out of football completely.

Glenn will be fine and the coaches who chose the 3rd string QB will back up and the Riders will be fine. Printers is not coming back :roll: Taman is not a dummy.