Replacement Nationals

Unfortunately we lost 3 nationals to injury (6 game) in our win. Replacents signed today.

Can we not find a receiver taller than 5'5"?

I know he's likely only going to return kickoff and punts but really?

Dominique Ellis is also on the 6-game??

And the Timmis replacementSean Thomas Erlington too.
And get used to it, smll and quick is what Jones wants for receivers. Banks targeted more than he ever had been last game is further proof.

16 players on the injury list with 14 on the six game list . If we didn't have bad luck, we wouldn't have any luck at all . ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

Sheuerman reactivated, given that both Timmis andThomas Erlington are now on the six game IL.

An expensive win.

coach mentions Fantuz might be good for our game after Ottawa

I'm impressed with the guys brought in with these quick signings. A second chance can bring out a player's best effort. Also impressed with June Jones -- so far, he's been the same guy every day. I thought it was interesting that Tasker, of all players, was the one to step up and give the Saturday night game ball to his new HC. I can't imagine they will, but if the Cats could pull off a win in Ottawa, and play well, winning at least one, in the following two games against western teams, they could still be in the picture.

The Banks targets may have been partially as a stress reliever for Masoli in his first start of the season, in the same way that ZC likes to force Tasker down everyone's throats when he's not doing so hot. (they both tended to use Gable in a similar fashion as well)

I agree. Very decisive

Kinda surprising considering that he didn't seem to make a tackle all night . It'll be interesting to see how the game plan goes for replacing him at SAM .

One things for sure and that's that there will have to be a whole lot of shuffling going on in a short week to get a game day roster prepared for this Saturday's game . It's going to be a very interesting depth chart for sure that comes out Friday .

Here's a very detailed look at our INT newcomer, Willie Quinn:

Here, in The Hammer, this one line concerns me: ::slight_smile:

"– Trouble catching the ball outside his frame when asked to adjust to poorly thrown passes"

Sheuerman should never have been sent down IMO, he is big and fast and as I said before, another Jesse Lumsden but more durable. I would send down or cut Banks though; I have never screamed so much at the TV as all the passes they kept throwing to him only to see them hit the turf. His days as a premier returner are over and is not consistent enough to be a receiver. Gable did as well as he did, and at least Gable runs N/S instead of running out of bounds to avoid a hit.

Anyone have any ideas on how we will replace Timmis at national RB with Erlington Tomas also going down . I thought it was a good idea having Timmis come in and Gable go out at times to allow for an additional import receiver .

Also , any idea who might move the sam position for Ellis ? maybe Washington ?

We sure could use Fantuz and Laurent back

Funny that he is compared to Banks.
Trouble catching the ball outside his frame=short arms