Replacement for Ricky Ray...

If early reports that have Ricky Ray missing four to six weeks are accurate, who do the Argos turn to as their QB?

After Logan Kilgore's brutal INT, it was painfully obvious Toronto has ZERO confidence in his ability to throw a football.

In terms of realistic targets, my first choice would be James Franklin. There's no way he's going to start ahead of Mike Reilly in Edmonton.

Fortunately Toronto is blessed with a plethora of Canadian talent - - and competent NIs are desperately needed throughout the league. The Argos are also extremely deep at receiver, so a logical option would be Anthony Coombs for Franklin.

I'm sure Jim Barker has been call blocked by every area code in Saskatchewan - - does Saskatchewan even have more than one area code? - - but on the remote possibility the Riders are willing to get fleeced once again by Barker, Darian Durant would be my ultimate choice.

Would a package of Coombs, Ricky Ray and a 1st round pick be enough to pry Regina's franchise QB away?

I would go with Franklin over Durant just from your post, I understand why you'd want Durant but at this point he's almost in same stage as Ray with a lot of injuries, who really knows how good DD can be anymore we've barely seen him play last two years.

Just looking around the league, and this is just talking in terms of decent CFL talent these are the options from other teams who might be available:
Montreal - Cato, Bridges
Hamilton - Masoli
Edmonton - Franklin, Lynch
Saskatchewan - Gale, Durant
Winnipeg - Willy (contract would be a huge no go), Nichols
Calgary - Tate
BC - Lulay

Not the best list in the world but QB talent is scarce in the CFL and a lot of unknown guys holding down third and fourth strings jobs. Who knows if some of the players above would be made available to the Argos, a few I already doubt would be like Tate or Lulay which would be my first two choices off that list, also can't see Masoli walking until after next year. Coombs + 1st rounders is a nice package to dangle, I don't think anyone would want Ray at this point.

As for the younger guys on the list, I think Cato, Lynch or Franklin might have bright futures in the league and I don't think the boat would explode with one of them at the helm for 6 weeks. Also think they can realistically obtain any of those guys.

Really their options are thin as of right now, I don't expect the Argos to make a move for some reason they never have before when Ray went down which is how the league learned of both Collaros and Harris.

Argos have had a hell of a time with injuries early on, Barker is going to have to do his best Frankenstein to get this team in a good position after Labour Day.

My money says they will try to pry Brett Smith from Ottawa. Shouldn't take much to get him and the guy wasn't half bad in Sask. and has some meaningfull time as starter in this league at least.

IMO, Tate and Franklin would be the best replacements if Barker could swing a deal.
Both are first string material and are healthy with little wear and tear and Tate is still only 31 while Franklin has long term upside.

Cato - huge question mark re: durability, focus and commitment, Bridge - little experience, accuracy issues
Masoli - far too unpredictable
Durant - incurred far too many serious injuries, Gale - roll of the dice
Lulay - same as Durant
Willy - not a leader/accuracy issues, Nichols - meh

I don't think Tate is going anywhere. He is comfortable in Calgary and Calgary is good having him as their #2.

I think TO will simply go with their current QB's and hope Ray is not out the full 4-6 weeks. the only team with an abundance of QB's is Montreal, but they are all unproven.

Durant is not going anywhere, at least not this year.

That would be a bad trade for the Argo's. Durant wouldn't bring anything to the Argo's that Ray currently does and they'd be out a good receiver in Coombs and a first round pick? Makes no sense.

oh, I'm quite sure Calgary is more than happy to have Tate as their #2 especially when he could be a starter for pretty much any team in the league.

and while Tate may be comfortable riding the pine and collecting an easy backup paycheck, an offer from another team to double his current salary would be difficult to ignore for any player.

Tate had a chance as a free agent, I believe, two seasons ago. There were opportunities around the league and he re-signed before he even entered the free agent market. If he didn't want to test the market in his late 20's, I don't think it is going to happen in his 30's. Only change would be if Calgary's number 3 surpasses him and he gets bumped down.

I would trade Willy to any team for a deep threat WR, even Duron Carter, and also throw in the pretend HC named O"Shea... I would beg Barker to to take them both. The Bombers would become a better team instantaneously.

Except BC, Edmonton, Hamilton, Toronto or Ottawa (or Sask if Durant is healthy).

He could fight for the job in Winnipeg or Montreal, but no sure thing there.

So ... he could start for a couple of teams, maybe.

I said Tate could be a starter for any team in the league not necessarily oust the starters they have currently. (especially the elite)

but at this point in time, I would still take Tate over Burris (age), Durant (injuries) Ray (injuries), Willy (Tate is better) and any one of the Als QB's.
Still on the fence with Jennings though.

confirmed - Ray OUT
VERY bad news for the Argos
too many starters are going down again this year (Burris, Ray, Harris, Durant, Glenn and Collaros who is still out)

CFL News ?@CFL_News
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Confirmed #argos will miss starting qb Ricky Ray for 3 to 5 weeks with sprained MCL #cfl @CFLonTSN

Depending on Harris's status, potentially Burris. It would take some looking at contract and such, but the redblacks seem to have another QB with some potential in the wings

I would think Smith getting picked off their PR could be likely as well.

BC might be willing to part with Lulay. I don't see Calgary parting with Tate. 3 weeks ago the Esks would have moved Franklin, not so sure now....I suppose with the right offer and moving out east it would maybe be on the table. If the Argos want to make a move that will be better for them in the long run...Franklin...but it is not going to be Ray, a WR or a nominal NI. It would be a higher draft pick.

You can't be serious with that comment. Please, tell me you're joking.

ZERO chance the RedBags send Burris to Toronto to help out a division rival.

Lulay might be an interesting possibility. Lions are bottom feeders going nowhere this year, so they might as well get something of value for a guy who's arm could fall off with the next hit he takes.

Newsflash: B.C is 3-1 tops in the West.


I hear this guy might be available. The "World's Greatest GM" hired him once maybe he'll hire him again. :stuck_out_tongue: :lol:

read all about it.............The "Lemonator".... bring him back Jim because when the world hands you a Lemon you make a quarterback out of him :lol: :rockin: :cowboy:

Yum. Love those lemon turnovers.

Tate is very good and lost his job due to injuries and absolute stud in Bo Levi . The Bombers should have went after him to be their starter.