Replacement at Middle Linebacker

Anyone hear if the Riders are air lifting a new MLB, or will it be by committee?

They said during the last game that they've brought in Ejiro Kuale (was actually on the sideline with the team)

Is Kuale an import or Non-Import? Anyone know?

According to his twitter he is a Rider

"2012 Grey Cup Champion, Current LB for The Saskatchewan
RoughRiders of the CFL. Living my dream loving life. AVIATOR SLIDIN

D.B.,B.R., N.O., T.O., MTL · "

And no, he is not a NI.


What about Kromah??? I know he is still on the 9 game, but I thought Ferri and McCullough did a decent job against the Argos…
We could use those guys as fill ins until Kromah is ready. Or is Kuale signed for extra insurance?

Or… Is there something about Kromah that the rest of us don’t know about?

The Riders freed up some cap space with the injury...may as well spend it.

Hey Depop... Aren't we over the Cap? Wouldn't this be the opportunity to get the bottom line closer to the black (instead of red!)

If they were really worried about tier 2 they wouldn't have brought someone like Jackson in purely to return.
At the beginning of the season my estimate was that they were at worst 50k over cap, and they have abused the 9 game effectively, so who knows.

Kuale is listed on the PR on

Just curious... Once Kuale is ready, who does he replace on the 46? Would it be Ferri? Possibly Peters?

Or do they pick a different non important position once Heenan is good and they sit Tyler? Or when Heenan is ready would there be another Non Import OL on the bubble like Watman or Clark?

I think Tyler has played well in both games he has been asked to step in..

They definitely have options.. At the end of the day, they need to start solidifying the final roster for a good playoff run