Replace Scott Mitchell with Earnest Jackson

What have we got to lose.

Might be a huge lift for the must win game on Labour Day.

Trust me unless the wheels totally fall off, the Cats won't need a lift to beat the Ar__s.

With or without Jesse, the Cats will run the ball down their throats.

Last week, the Ar__s looked like a poorly coached, old, tired football team.

the Cats will have no problems beating them.

8) Oh boy, here we go again !! While I hope we can beat the Argos again, I sure don't think you can take them for granted at all.
 Don't forget, while we have basically humiliated them twice, they will be coming in here on Labour Day all fired up and looking for revenge, that is for sure !!

 Granted, we will have to play with the same intensity that we did in the two previous meetings with them, or we could be in for a big shock !!!

 It will be tough to win three consecutive games against them  !!!

i agree with this, Mitchell hasnt done anything lately, and Jackson impressed me and more than any other reciever in camp and in the scrimmage

Jackson is tall ( 6'4 ) and very very fast.

Jackson will have had about ten weeks of healing time under his belt, and he's been practicing with the team two weeks now (it will be three when the Ticats get back from vacations and start preparing for Labour Day. Put Jackson in, at the expense of Mitchell or anyone else. I want to see if he's the real deal.

I dont know about that. I like Mitchell, he showed a lot of promise early on. Sure as of late, he has been quiet. I think we should hang on to him. Hes fast and he has good hands.

Casey sure high on Scott .
Jackson still Need time on Practice Roster.

Has anyone thought that if Casey is starting on labour Day that Mitchell should be starting as well. He is obviously a favourite of Printers as he does look for him quite a bit.

Casey and Jesse will both be back this week.

TSN is saying Casey will be back
Spec is Reporting Jessie Hopes to be back

we don't need to necessarily cut him

The strange thing in all this is that coming out of camp it looked as though Rodriguez was the one who needed more coaching on the PR and Jackson was the one ready to go. Then Jackson just up and fell off the map for a few weeks.

In general this team (with the talent it has) needs to stop replacing people and start letting them gel more. The talent last year was low enough that the team did need to do another blow up. Plus Obie as the new GM needed to bring in his type of players. The talent this season is good enough that the team (players and coaches) need time to gel more and show more of the potential they have.

I say keep Mitchell in till either he plays himself off the roster or Jackson plays his way on the roster in practices.

Mitchell has earned his spot. You don't take him out for a guy who has never been healthy enough or ready to play for whatever reason. I'm sick of hearing about the ghost of Earnest Jackson. If he can play he'll be a welcome addition but Mitchell's been out there week after week making contributions. He will be a star in the cfl.