Replace Levi Mitchell

I believe Maier should be the #1 QB. Mitchell is washed up and is not even up to playing QB. He can’t run, which is half of his job.

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I’m ready if you are. If you’re keeping track, count my vote as Yes.

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You don't want to continue watching what you saw tonight?

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We don’t play them again this year. I’d probably get more enjoyment over the dedicated Bo-Cam they would keep pointed at him as he stewed on the sidelines.

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I want to see him deal with no weapons and no OLine for a full season.

Dickenson is another one that needs a humbling experience.


I'd say we took care of that in the 99 Grey Cup.

Can't stand either of those two. Both Dickenson and BLM benefitted from Hufnagel's ability to consistently bring in quality players even at depth. This year the Stamps are in something of a rebuild mode so I think both those guys will indeed be humbled.


Mitchell is injured. He's playing through the injury. You can tell by the way he doesn't step into his throws. Whatever he throws are short passes.

There is no QB controversy. The Stamps should tell Mitchell to get back on the IR and get healed. Give the ball to Maier and wins some games


After Mitchell threw that interception twice losing both Grey Cups, I was done with him then.

I barely recognized the Stamps this year as so many players are new. The coach needs to get a talking to after playing Mitchell after half time. If Maier played at half time we might have won the game. I say Mitchell is washed up. Time to trade him and make Maier #1 QB.


I enjoyed seeing Dickinson humbled.


Great answer!

Suck it up. Real Stamps fans support their QB!:rofl::joy::grin:


1st career loss for BLM to the Cats is a pretty good run.

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If Calgary is playing our Tiger cats, please put Mitchell out there. If the Stamps are going against another eastern team, then replace him....

Don't forget the numerous clips of his outrage......looks good on his huge ego

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Right now and all of this year so far Maier is TOTALLY better, both statistically and in form. There is no denying it.

Dare we say ... QB controversy? :sunglasses:

I think Bo saw how this guy was playing and magically said he was healed up and ready to go. His leg is probably still messed up and he’s pretty bad right now. Mind you the defence had an outstanding game and knocked down about six throws. Dickenson may have to put aside Bo’s ego and go with the hot hand for now if he wants his team to have a shot at the playoffs.


Yeah, but how does one egomaniac know how to curb another???

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