repetitive CBC repetitiveness not worth repeating

If I hear Mark Lee say "Argo bounce" one more stinkin' time....

Here's an idea for the CBC announcers: if an Argo gets a lucky bounce, try saying "the moron dropped the ball again, but he was lucky enough to get it back." :twisted:

I thought this thread was going to be about all the commercials that kept repeating, over and over...

ya these guys are morons. I wish that we could get someone like Lancaster back in the Booth, who was honest and tough and a great commentator..

get rid of Walby and Lee... ugh

how about that Jim Hughson from the NHL?

I enjoyed the games without commentary during the CBC strike last season. Maybe that would solve the problem. More labour strife!

Or do what we do down here in New Orleans for Saints games--mute the TV and listen to the radio feed.

I would but the guy on the radio, I can't stand

Walby really is terrible. "45 second NFL clock", "pronAsticators", "pis* n catch" This guy can't even talk correctly. I know it's nit picking but when you add all these little things up, its unprofessional. Some players should stay out of the booth.

Walby is the worst. The way he talks reminds me of Captain Caveman. I keep waiting for him to say "Oonga boonga." :smiley:

But the way that Lee says "Argo bounce" every 30 seconds is really getting to me too.

Sort of like Suitor it seems the networks can not get anything other then idiots to do the commentary! How long before they realize Khari Jines would be great at this! The guy is all class and knows way more then the Suitors and Walbys of the comment game!

Thats the feeling I get when I hear that moron from the Leafs telecasts say "HOOOOOOOLLLLLLLYYYYYYY MAAAAAAAAAAAAAACKINAW" every time a goalie makes a save. Or the guy from the Yankee's broadcastes that says "SEE YAAA" for every home run. Can these guys not come up with a decent catch phrase? God I miss Mike Lange.......

The host (unsure of name) of the pre-game panel said when talking about how the blue team's offence would perform after their layoff and return of Williams, "You won't see the best from our team until next week".


I thought that the $1 Billion CBC deficit comes from across Canada, not just Hog Town.

re- moron from the Leafs telecasts say "HOOOOOOOLLLLLLLYYYYYYY MAAAAAAAAAAAAAACKINAW"---- is he a closet ticats fan or just a plagerist(sp)?

Next CBC game let's see which phrase Mark Lee overuses more..."Argo bounce" or "up the gut"

I like the CBC telecast, way more profesional that TSN"s production....and it should be, we paid for such a great show, so enjoy Canada and stop being so proud of the CBC...

I prefer the CBC to TSN as well.

At least the virtual first down line is not off by 5 yards and it shows up on CBC HD telecasts. TSN's doesn't

They both have their down falls Walby and Suitor! Now if we can get someone to replace those two clowns I would be happy!

And "Look in" man everything that isnt a long bomb is a look in to this guy its rediculous