Repêchage 2016

La ronde des signatures est somme toute terminée et la prochaine étape majeure dans la préparation de l'équipe, outre le mini-camp d'avril, est sans doute le repêchage. Les Alouettes auront encore (hélas!) de bonnes positions de repêchage et devront en profiter pour faire le plein de talent canadien.

Les Alouettes ont à mon sens des efforts à faire du côté de joueurs défensifs (ligne défensive, demis), peut-être d'un porteur de ballon, et les éternels joueurs de ligne offensive. Comme cette dernière unité semble bien garnie, je me demande si les Alouettes ne pourraient pas regarder à entreprendre la formation d'un joueur souvent oublié : le spécialiste des longues remises. Les Alouettes sont gâtés avec Bédard, mais ce dernier ne rajeunit pas et il faudra bien le remplacer un jour. Ce qui fait la grande qualité de Bédard, outre sa grande régularité, c'est qu'il est également un assez solide gaillard. Il contribue aussi en couverture et est rarement blessé. Il demeure le profil de joueur que les équipes recherchent pour cette position, et depuis le départ de Zaleski, les Alouettes sont moins bien pourvus en cas de blessure à Bédard.

Les Alouettes reluquent aussi dans leur cour en vue du prochain repêchage.

Je me demande si les Alouettes ne porteront pas un regard sur Devon Stewart. Ils ont un poste à combler chez les centres-arrières.

A comment from Popp on the draft:

The Montreal Alouettes are slated to pick second overall for the first time since returning to the CFL more than 20 years ago. While this is new territory for general manager Jim Popp, he doesn't expect his philosophy to change much. Since there don't appear to be two or three elite prospects, this might be a good year for Jones and Popp, who are both comfortable with their seven starting Canadians as of this moment, to trade down, get an extra draft pick or two and still snag players who can come in and help their teams immediately on special teams.

“Now, I haven't had any calls, but when it gets closer to the draft we might start getting some calls to drop back,? Popp said.

[url=] ... no-1-pick#[/url]

There is only really one team that can make an interesting move up and that's Winnipeg.. I'm not sure why any team would want to give up picks to move up in a draft where you have about 20 quality prospects.

If it was me. I'd use the #2 pick on one of Vaillancourt or Gagnon and start preparing to replace LBJ/Picard. I don't think either of these two guys should be looked at for 2017 and it would double up as a good cost saving solution next year. Then use the next couple picks on guys with NFL action.

This teams has a bunch of young guys playing teams already who need more playing time if we are going to keep them. Lue, Ackie, Shorthill, Coady come to mind.

Just noted at yahoo/sports that NFL scouts are/will travel TO Manitoba to look at Onyemata. Looks like our best is heading to the NFL. Its great for our Canadian football players to have the skill to compete at that level but, the NFL interest surely makes our picks from the Canadian Draft a much more difficult process.

Unranked DL Rupert Butcher had a strong showing at the combine:

[url=] ... l-combine/[/url]

Here is a kid who was dominant in One on ones as a DL and the ynuk ynuk GM's would draft him to convert him to offense. Was nice to read that the kid told them he was not interested in that.

Voici ce qu’on lit sur TSN à propos des Alouettes en vue du prochain repêchage.

"Montreal Alouettes

2015 Record: 6-12 (Did not make playoffs)

Draft Position: Round 1, 2nd overall; Round 2, 11th; Round 3, 20th; Round 4, 29th; Round 6, 47th; Round 7, 56th

Montreal GM Jim Popp has built his philosophy on starting five Canadian offensive lineman. Popp continually works on developing offensive lineman and having one ready to step in when needed. It’s been an advantage for Montreal at the draft table as Popp has then used his selections on futures which have NFL aspirations.

Montreal is rarely in a rush at the draft, they don’t need the player right away, so they can select higher end talent and then wait. That’s the same case this season. Popp doesn’t need Canadians at any particular position. He’ll draft a few offensive lineman but for the most part it will all be about the best available player when his selection comes up."

Reprenez, si je me trompe, mais c’est comme si le commentateur disait : “Je le sais-tu, moi, tab… ?” :lol:

C'est un peu ça! Il a juste décrit de façon générale la philosophie des Alouettes lors du repêchage.

No surprise TSN puts in the usual lazy, brief blurb on the Als instead of actually finding out what our draft needs might be.

I like the idea of selection 2 be Vaillancourt or Gagnon and selecting the other picks on the quality guys that might be selected by the NFL. We've done well now having Blake and Vaughn one in the DL, the Other OL. Patience can pay off. I also think the Montreal U OT selected last season might be available now or next season as the NFL team has to be looking for OTs in the upcoming NFL draft. Their offensive line was "an issue" in their loss re the Superbowl.

Il y aura une 8ième ronde de repêchage à compter de cette année!

J'ai hâte de voir les tractations qui auront lieu avec cette ronde surprise.

The play here is to take one of Vaillancourt or Gagnon. The Als have taken a RB and 3 DB in the last drafts and not one of them is a starter on this team. One retired, one left and the other two while younger aren't projected to start this year either. Vaillancourt is the most decorated OL to ever come out of the Q, he's a local kid. Gagnon another local kid is built like Tsoumpas. Popp needs to stop Phuckin around.

In the 1996 draft, the one where they selected Bryan Chiu, the Alouettes actually selected a dead guy:

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I agree that with Bourke leaving and Bomben gone, we need to replenish our OL pipeline, especially since we draft DBs with no intention of having them start anywhere but at safety.

I anticipate,like many, that the first draft choice of the Alouettes will be an offensive lineman. I expect that the choice will be amongst these players: Josiah ST.John T, -he would be my choice, but Sask. will most likely select him ahead of the Als-Charles Vaillancourt G and OL Philippe Gagnon.

If Jim Popp does not select an OL, I say that he will select Alex Singleton LB.

In round 2, Jim Popp's selection could be amongst: Mehdi Abdesmad DE, Arjen Colquhoun CB, Taylor Loftier S and Brian Jones WR, even tough he is injured-bone in hand- and not available for a few months.


I'm always curious how much time you guys spend actually doing research on these prospects.. St-John does not fall into my top five. And I'll actually explain why.

a) Age: He's 25/26 years old. Als give age high weighing when selecting draft picks, especially early in the draft. Vaillancourt for example is 3 years younger, so is Gagnon. If these two kids were 26 like St-John it wouldn't even be close.

b) He lost his starting job with the Sooners in his senior year. He was not physically strong or "mean" enough to handle top College competition. That translates to him being moved to guard as a professional.

b) BMI: He does not carry the weight well. His natural weight is around 280, compare that to a kid like Gagnon who is 307 and can put on another 15 pounds of muscle with ease.

I rank Vaillancourt and Gagnon ahead of St.John. Vaillancourt will be in Oakland evaluated by the Raiders on draft day. The top of the draft board will be waiting to the very last minute trying to find out the Raiders intentions towards Vaillancourt. Personally I like Gagnon best but would be happy with either on draft day. But Popp has shown over the years a propensity to gamble on draft day and I would not be surprised to see him select a Singleton or a Corney with his first pick.

My pick would be one of Vaillancourt or Gagnon.

In fact i'd go further and offer the Riders the #11 pick and ONE of Lue, Ackie, Pieotroski or Bodanis for their #1 and draft both.

Jones n'est pas Taman et il doit composer avec le départ de Heenan. Je ne crois pas qu'il échangera l'opportunité de mettre la main sur Vaillancourt.

Heres a couple of stories on Jones thinking: [url=] ... -cfl-draft[/url]

Reports are he wants to trade the pick for established players or multiple draft choices. And if he doesn`t, it looks like St. John will be his pick.