Repeat drug program offender Frank Alexander goes to Canada

Not all the free agent news today is happening in the United States.

Via Alex Marvez of the Sporting News, former Panthers defensive end Frank Alexander has signed with the B.C. Lions of the CFL.

Alexander, a former fourth-round pick who flashed some pass-rush potential, has been suspended three times for violating the league’s substance abuse policy.

After a four-gamer and a 10-gamer, he was suspended for a year in November 2015.

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Is this legal.

Yep. CFL honours NFL suspensions. If he was suspended a year in 2015, he's served his time.

He didn't break any laws, he wasn't convicted of any crimes so he can cross the border.
He just violated NFL rules.

Thanks, now is he any good. lol

Nobody evaluates talent better then Wally B.

If he is not good enough, it will be discovered in training camp or pre-season.

For his sake , I hope he comes up here with the right attitude.

Americans who come up here thinking it will be easy because we are considered semi-pro minor league , are in for a shock.

Right Mike Sam and Chad Johnson ?

Suspensions for using pot are just silly. Eventually it will no longer matter.

As far as it stands right now I believe it is still considered a performance enhancing drug by all control organizations. Never really bought their explanation to that end.

In this day and age where we have 5000 Canadians and 37 000 Americans dying of Opiate overdose every year, society really needs to pick its battles.

No doubt. I don't really care about pot offenses. While I don't encourage its use it is becoming more and more legal around NA and truly is used as a medical aid. I never really bought into the pot as a medical treatment but now knowing people that are using it and the results they are getting...I say go for it. I know a couple people with MS that it makes the world of difference and people with nerve issues/damage that it is a good treatment without the need to use hard medical drugs. I have really changed how I view it the past few years.

For North American pro sports I believe it is not considered performance enhancing, it gets lumped with cocaine and other drugs because the are illegal and "morally wrong"


While many come up here like that in attitude many more don't. Johnson spoke nothing but highly about the CFL. He made some comments about lighting it up but that is just him...did the same thing in the NFL. Once here he stated that talent was on par overall but the CFL generally lacked the couple players per team that were on another level like the NFL is a fair assessment overall.

Is pot now a banned substance in the CFL? It wasn't last year

I went looking... Cannabinols are prohibited "in competition"
So technically you can't test positive on game day I guess. Not even sure how that works. But it looks like it is somewhat tolerated by WADA, USADA not so much.