rent in a 1 bedroom basement apartment

with what's going on in the 'peg right now,the cats will officially occupy that one bedroom apartment in the basement of the cfl's east division-i'm just wondering how much it cost and how long the friggin' lease is for.

oh, does anyone have any ideas on how the cats might be able to slow down ricky,not stop him, slow him down?what with the esks d-line being able to beat the ball to the quarterback and all.

i would guess that 2 former ticats will have a huge impact on the outcome of this game-the receiver formerly known as incompleterson and the middle linebacker named auggie.throw in the fact that they will not adjust to the natural grass in time and that's a recipe for disaster...again.

ray to peterson,ray to campbell, ray to stamps,harris up the middle. printers sacked again.

i really hope not but...

city legend

Really huh??

Check the score lately??

Riders pull out the win.. a wee premature with the posting huh?

the only thing premature about that posting was the "with what's going on in the peg"-they still occupy the friggin basement, it's just that it's a 2 bedroom instead of a 1. don't try to find a silver lining, they still suck in the basement of the worst division, at least wpg looked good and put up points on a good team.