Heard today that the Renegades are going to have their football operations suspended for 2006. This means that Winnipeg will be moving to the Eastern division for 06, and the Touchdown Atlantic game is being cancelled (Ottawa vs Montreal).

It's really too bad, but Ottawa has had such messed up ownershipf for years, they just haven't been stable. Yet, at the same time, Ottawa has had some of the most loyal fans of any CFL club.

It's too bad, but I hope to see them with a team in 07.

hwgill.... Ottawa .. and loyal fans... does not make sense. I grew up in Ottawa and I had seasons tickets and hated the Riders (at that time) but loved going to football games. All I heard were people saying they could not afford seasons tickets, yeah sure they were all making good Gov't pay or it is like high school football. Some people would drive out to Richmond Ont. just to watch a game for free...... I know they had bad ownership but I don't think the fan support was ever there. I do hope for everyone though that everything can be changed around and Ottawa is back for the 2007 season. You know I sort of miss those late October early Nov. Games freezing my butt off at Frank Clair Stadium. :roll:

Don't hold your breath...I bet Halifax will be in before Ottawa returns.

But isn’t that the point? You HAD season’s tickets, ergo, you were loyal. Even though the 'Riders sucked, and have sucked for almost 3 decades, even though the weather in fall & winter is worse than Winterpeg, the fans STILL buy the tickets, and go to the games…that makes them loyal.

How many loyal fans are in BC? The Leos were down to what…6,000 season tickets at their lowest…in a stadium that can house 50,000+?

No, Ottawa has loyal fans…give them a good product and they’ll cheer for the home team, rather than the away team.