Rens will rebound from the leo's loss

after that demoralized Loss to BC i hope that the Rens will get their spirit back up to fight after that game i personally feel that they will again pull off another squeaker.

…definately…just not this next week though…maybe in a couple of weeks…

why not this week theyre playing calgary, they blow. But i guess your a calgary fan so ok of coarse not this week right?

ps- the flames blow too (even though they made it to the stanley cup finals and beat the canucks.) they still blow

ill tell what blew. the offence it was horrible we diddent play on offence the way we should of played and joseph ran thats why we kept it close but his accracy is horrible hes got to find his game quick and if he does easilly we will be getting over 30 points anight i mean we got are o line playing well know and are wideouts (armstead and cutolo) are extrmely fast and are slotbacks are just great veteriens with good hands (woodcock and murphy)

…hahaha Fatty, your stinky canucks will never make a stanley cup first round playoff again…if the flames blow, the canuckleheads definately suck…sore loser…

i kno but keep it on the downlow

…can do…actually, I don’t mind the canuckleheads, I’d cheer for them if the flamers were out…

and i sorta like the flames i just hate Miikka Kiprusoff

For a moment I thought we could pull another one off!!

The GADES work well with the hurry up offence…

Loosing game suck but for them they should feel relatively ok about this one… Although they lost it. If they had avoided the missed field goal they would have taken the lead and the run back by BC would not have occured…

Some really stooooooopid penalties hurt them too.

That missed extra point could have proved costly too.

Yeaah our special teams lost that game for us.

are you guys talking about that missed matt kellet PAT? that was brutal i dont know if ive seen a miss from there before. o i think he did miss when he played for BC actually, he was kicker right after lui passaglia retired

Regardless of how they looked on offense overall, they still had the lead at the half and a chance to tie at the end. You gotta like that. As hopeful as I was, I really didn’t expect a win in BC. I think, however, that we can take them. See you in Sept. Lions!

I agree that more hurry-up offense is a good thing for Joseph and the Gades. Less chance of Paopao screwing things up.

All in all, I’m pretty happy about where the team is going. We played the three best teams in the league and got a huge home win and played a tough, close game out West. The players have to feel pretty good about that.

Look out, Calgary! It’s gonna be a tough one on Saturday! I’m making the trip up to O-Town for the game (from Southern ON). Hope we get a good crowd. The players deserve it.