Rens put eight players on suspension list... That's Crazy

Mike Sutherland, Val St. Germain, David Azzi, heck even Coach Joe’s Son. What the hell is going on up east?

I can’t stop laughing :lol:

They are just playing with the rules…

As long as it isn’t against any league rules, nobody will gripe too much.

I think it’s kind of smart, actually…

If it’s in the rule book… Then good move by the Rens…

Go Bombers… :wink:

ok can anyone explain to me the sole purpose of this move or suppeniosn or whatever i mean?

All teams have to have to cut their rosters down to 50 players sometime before their second preseason game.

It looks like the Rens didn’t want to cut their players yet, so they put 8 guys they know they will keep on their suspension list instead of cutting 8 rookies.