Rens new kicker a dud?

Apparantly the new kicker (a local kid) was trying out yesterday and was i for 2 from 30 yards out.

Where the hell is our scouting staff? There must be a kicker some where down south for F@#K sake.

This is getting tiresome.

Go Rens..........F@#K It!

Dude, both Damon Duval and Tim Duncan have been terrible during training camp, missing from 25 yards out many times. Both said they weren't used to the shape of the CFL balls. I thought it was depressing.

Then, when the Als cut Duncan, that's when Duval started shining, succesfully scoring from long, like that 48 yarder 0:2 second from the end of the game against Edmonton.

Don't cry just yet.

........they bring a kid in to try out and let him kick 2 TIMES??!!........that's not a 'try out', that's not even 'warming up'..........this must be just from that specific distance right?.........

Red and White:
It was just a synopsis of the tryout. I was trying to be brief.
OK, let's just say he was 50 % overall.
Guess we'll have to wait and see.
I just hope we don't have to go for the six points on every drive like the last game.