Ren's coaching staff fired!!!!

Just heard on the radio that Eric Tillman is claiming the Joe Paopao and his complete staff have been told to clean out their offices by sunday.....................seems to bad Joe seemed like a pretty good was crippled last year with endless injuries and this year............well never to got going.........with all the off field distractions

It is sad, especially considering how great a guy Paopao is, but when you consider the fact that after 4 years they haven't gone anywhere ... and have only been spared last place by the Ti-Cats, something's gotta change.

I just hope it's for the better!

That's too bad - Paopao's okay in my books. Hey, Joe.....hopefully we'll have something opening up for you in Riderville in the off-season.....come check it out.....I'm sure we can hook you up.....

can't argue with that.......................easier to fire the coach then the players..............but wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't find a job somewhere else

...the let go it is inevitable yes but the classy thing to do would be to wait until after this weekend's game and announce it on Sunday......this mgmt-maneuver ranks right up there with the time Fred Fateri, then COO of the Stamps, fired Jim Barker.......over the phone.........on Christmas Eve........

Paopao will land on his feet, I’m sure. He’s a good guy, one of those classy individuals that some other teams could really use.

But firing him now, and hiring a new head coach on Monday? Do the Gliebermen not realize that there’s a game in between? They’re going into a game against the Grey Cup champions, the 11-6 Argos, with a coaching staff that has just been fired. This is just another example of that same bone-headedness that helped drive the Rough Riders into the ground. Way to go, Lonie!

Just another episode in the Loonie Tunes saga. Where else would a coaching staff be fired before a game and be expected to coach it. Ah well, as long as Loonie Glebes has his bevy of cheerleaders he'll be happy.
What a joke.

good guys don't win you football games and he proved it this year. how does a team go from 5-3 and first in the east to finishing with only 6 wins ( i say six because i don't see them winning tomorrow). You can't use injuries as an excuse, because there wasn't really any major injuries this season. The only reason i could think of is that the coaching staff was unable to motivate their players and got outcoached by the other team.

when Forrest Gregg is in charge of all things related to football I think you may have identified one of the biggest problems. The game has passed him by and Loonie doesn't know if it's puffed or stuffed. Nice guy or not, Joe P tried his he a great head coach?...probably not....probably better suited to be a coordinator. I have no doubt that he will land on his feet somewhere and be happer for it.