Renovations ready for 2009

It sounds like a bunch of seats between the 30's are gone on the Lions side as new club seats are going in. What else will be done by the time kickoff rolls around? I REALLY hope they clean the dome, have any of you seen it? There are dirt flows moving down it!

Lions are trying to copycat the Canucks. Those seats are being made into club seats. For paying an outrageous amount of money, you get warm stale beer and cold BC Place mould, I mean food delivered to your seats. Thank goodness our season tickets are at the 10 yard line. I wouldn't pay all the money they want for that kind of crummy service. It will be interesting seeing all those empty seats between the 30's. This is bad timing to be pulling a change like this. Bad economy, re-building team.......

Wally Buono coached teams are never 'rebuilding.' They don't need to. Some years are better than others, that's all. The guy is truly amazing. Grey Cup contenders year after year after year after year...

There are currently 72 washrooms, 48 for Women and only 24 for Men.

That's being changed to 66 washrooms for Women and only 6 washrooms for Men.

Not sure how well that would work for a Grey Cup.

I hope you're joking. I thought they were going to expand and improve washrooms, not limit them.

66 washrooms for the women would work well for a Madonna concert.

During Madonna we had women lined up inside the mens washrooms.