Renovated BMO Field impressions

Agreed. The league really missed the boat with all this new stadium construction to shorten the endzone. A 15 yard enzone as you say is still different than the NFL, but brings the fans in the endzone that much closer to the field of play, creating a much better gameday environment. Not to mention it would work much better with soccer facilities.

I thought the same thing East but not sure I would go so far as to say they missed the boat as I can appreciate the league wanting to preserve league history via the rules but agree, it would have been a good time to go to 15 yard end zones with the new construction. But it can still be done of course and the extra space as a result can be used for practical purposes such as for other events ie. kids soccer games where you could have multiple games played on shortened fields within the CFL field, non sports events, and even during CFL games the extra 5 yards could be used to have school groups there to have them on field level to get the feel of what it's like to be on the field during games, also bands congregating and extra space etc. Having extra space is usually never a bad thing, it does provide more options for field use I would say.

If they were going to change the field length, I'd vote to keep the 20-yard endzones and eliminate the middle 10 yards instead. I just think the larger endzones have a bigger impact on gameplay than those ten middle yards. I mean kickoffs, touchbacks, safeties, etc. can be adjusted back if the field is shorter. A 15-yard endzone will reduce scoring, which isn't what the league wants right now.

Anyways, I bet it'll all just be moot and BMO will accommodate a regulation CFL field.

This whole page of this thread gets a giant puke smilie from me (if it existed here). I'll keep the 110 yd field and 20 yrd endzones thanks. Having the longer endzone allows enough room behind the uprights for more of the longer field goals to be returned. And centrefield at the 55 yd line is just such a long tradition that it almost feels blasphemous to talk about removing it. Giant thumbs down to any changes to the physical appearance of the field.

Clipped corners in the endzone are one thing... actual removal of yardage as happened because of BC Place, should never happen again.

I tend to agree, the 15 yard end zones would allow more room for end zone seats in some stadiums and bring fans closer to the field of play. Gives stadiums like BMO the chance to add temp stands in the end zones for things like a Grey Cup.

I'd support smaller end zones if and only if the rouge were made for returnable kicks only.

The closer the dead ball line gets to the goal line the more credence goes to those who claim the rouge is a point for a missed field goal.

[b]Jukjeon Dave wrote:[/b] If they were going to change the field length, I'd vote to keep the 20-yard endzones and eliminate the middle 10 yards instead. I just think the larger endzones have a bigger impact on gameplay than those ten middle yards. I mean kickoffs, touchbacks, safeties, etc. can be adjusted back if the field is shorter. A 15-yard endzone will reduce scoring, which isn't what the league wants right now.

Anyways, I bet it'll all just be moot and BMO will accommodate a regulation CFL field.

Interesting Juke, didn't think of that option. :thup: But agree, I think BMO will accommodate a regulation CFL field but even if it's a tad short, so be it. The league was fine with American expansion way back with at least one shorter end zone I can think of, think it was Baltimore if I'm not mistaken.

I wouldn't shorten the field; I like the 55; that part is blasphamous, but 15 yard endzones aren't too bad...

It was Memphis at the Liberty Bowl. The end zones were pentagonal going 7 yards deep along the sidelines in goal then coming to a point 12 yards behind the goal post. There was no portion of the dead ball line parallel to the goal line.

I wouldn't say the CFL was doing just fine during the years of US expansion.

I understand you have an appreciation for baseball or the old days of hockey where playing surfaces varied from town to town. I think that's kind of cool too but with football and with features like the Rouge, you'd at the very least need "ground rules" such as returnable rouges only to effectively incorporate a much smaller end zone.

Cutoff corners in Montreal or as they used to exist in Edmonton and Hamilton or Guelph are one thing but they were generally a small portion and made little to no difference. Going from 25 yard endzones to 20 yard endzones I imagine would have been less drastic as it pertains to the rouge as going from 20 to 15 yards.

It will come down to a decision by the CFL, not by what we think should happen.
The CFL has made exceptions to the field length for the domes and when the Memphis Mad Dogs entered the league.
Every time it was decided to shorten the end zones, but this time since they have changed the convert rules, it's not as easy to say just shorten the end zone.

If the issue is that they only have 140 yards from dead ball line to dead ball line then another option would be to have a 105 yard field length and each end zone at 17.5. That way they only lose 2.5 yards per end zone and only 5 yards between the goal lines, center field becomes the 52.5 yard line. Still leaves the field 5 yards longer than an NFL field and the end zones still 7.5 yards longer.

The dimensions of the endzone has been flexible. Its even written into the rule book that the field can be amended to account for a track or fence or any other obstructing feature by way of marking the sideline at least one foot from the item.

That said, I do think the width and length of the field are pretty important culturally and historically. From a marketing point of view, having the 52.5 yard line as your centre field stripe would be tough to spin as anything other than backyard football. It would give the impression that the CFL is a league forced to play wherever they can meagerly afford to. As true as this may be with the Argos.. it won't be the case.

Endzones were conceived after the advent of the forward pass. Like in modern rugby, turn of the century football was about carrying the ball across the goal line. Once the forward pass became a legitimate part of the game, dead ball lines past the goal line became a necessity to define just how far past the goal you could throw a forward pass. In the USA where the game had in some cases migrated into stadiums and space was confined, the then 110 yard field was shrunk to 100 yards while 5 additional yards were allocated at either end to make for the 10 yard endzones.

The forward pass came to Canada later but even by then, football was still generally being played in open fields or in front of wooden bleachers. There was never a need to take from the 110 yard field or abruptly end the goal area after 10 yards. Since football was often played within the confines of an athletics track, the running track itself became a common limit for the end zone so 25 yards with truncated corners became the norm. This held true until BC Place in 1983 shrunk the endzones to 20 yards.

With the CFL as healthy as it is today, there should be no more compromises. Venues should be built or renovated to play the game consistently across the country. If it is just smarter to shrink the Canadian football field to better jive with soccer, rugby, American football or field lacrosse in shared venues, then the game itself should be tweaked in the case of the rouge to accommodate slightly smaller end zones.

But Joedavtav, I think you missed the point here. The CFL may have to compromise because they don’t have a choice, a CFL field may not be able to fit in there unless they shorten the field.
Thanks for the history lesson but we are discussing the best way to go about accommodating a CFL field at BMO. What is your answer if engineers come back and say that they can only accommodate a 140 yard field (db line to db line) ??

What if Aliens want to land on the pitch... :roll:

I would suggest to go league-wide to 15 yard end zones and adjust the rouge accordingly if 20 yard end zones were impossible at BMO. 15 yards goal line to dead ball line I feel would make the rouge too easily scored through the air and on missed field goals.

The BMO renovation rendering has a scale CFL field with provisions made for media space and equipment laid over BMO. It does seem it will be a squeeze with all of the present north and south end seating removed. If the indention is to keep any of the existing permanent structure, perhaps a smaller end zone might be required?

Fitting a regulation CFL field into the BMO space is nothing new. For that matter a way to expand seating to 40K plus needed for a Grey Cup game as well has been in question.
On the day of the announcement Bell made it sound as if it was a done deal and BMO would be ready for 2016 in full size field with the retractable seats. Also the impression given was Toronto getting the GC to be played at BMO.

Playing at BMO long term with a shorter than regulation field would not be in the best interest. Having a GC at such a venue would not happen IMHO.

If none of this is true and BMO will be fully CFL serviciable for regular season games beginning in July and a GC with seating of the min 40K possible. Then great!!!

If not I guess we will find out all of the details by the new year when the sale is officially complete.

Resources from Bell and friends are not the question. Time frame and space available would be in question to me.

I believe one end zone will be portable and the other will have some rows that will be removable, so I can't see why 20 yard endzones would be a problem. I also agree that shortened endzones might jeopardize the chances for a Grey Cup.

So you think the cities that built/are building their new multi-hundred million dollar stadiums that have the measurements down to the inch for the best viewing experience would go along with this? If you answer yes, you're delusional.

There will be no change to the CFL field size. If they absolutely have to do it in Toronto, they better be able to justify it. I certainly cant's see why they would have to resort to that decision. And in my opinion it would rule out any Grey Cups at BMO.

BCriderfan - I think you missed the point too, it is not US that are delusional if you scroll up and read the newspaper article above they stated that a CFL fied may not be able to fit into BMO.
All we are talking about here is - "What is the best way to fit a CFL field into BMO, if the story is true"
Why are you angry at us? it was widely reported that they may not be able to fit a regulation field in there.

What is your opinion if it's true?

"widely reported"? lol

one reporter (Simmons) mentioned a short tidbit in a mixed sports article that he'd heard a rumor that CFL standard endzones may not entirely fit at BMO.

widely reported... hahahaha

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