Rennie Curran

Still available ? Import, but if Shea is seriously injured ,, we need do something

Yes stop trying to hand tackle and wrap a guy up by the first defender not the 3rd or 4th. So far the defense that was suppose to be aggressive looks like the one that is scared of it's own shadow. Way too much playing matador by the db's. Here comes a running back at you, Ole and they go right on by.

Haha good analogy. I couldn’t believe a back could have a 9 yard per carry average on us. We can only hope they improve with Brackenridge back

well...there is 500k to play with. Personally I would be looking to redo some contracts in a "front loaded" manner.

I am not sure if they go to Curran or attempt playing both Knox and Clark. If one goes down Brack moves up. Doughty also likely to come one roster.

They need to do something about 46ing 8 DLmen. It is fricken rediculous. It is time to move a National or 2...though they are likely forced to start 1 on the DL now no matter what

8 D line men and only one sack to show for it. Nice.